AGD2017 Las Vegas
L18: The Endodontic Patient: Diagnostic Dilemmas and Case Selection

Subject: 070 – Endodontics
Credits: 6 (Lecture)
Friday, July 14: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Audience: D, A, H, ST, R
Fee: $120
Location: Pool Level, Forum 15 - 17

Speaker Bio: Madison, WI; general private practice; evidence reviewer, American Dental Association; Chief of Endodontics, Meriter Hospital, Madison

Description: The pathway of endodontic diagnosis is filled with twists and turns that often prevent the clinician from making a definitive diagnosis. In the worst-case scenario, diagnostic pitfalls will lead to inaccuracies, resulting in unnecessary or inappropriate treatment. Only with an accurate diagnosis can effective treatment be provided. This review, based on actual clinical cases, will highlight a variety of diagnostic roadblocks including the limitations of pulp testing, non-odontogenic sources of pain, the complex nature of patient perceptions and the lack of correlation between pulp histology and symptoms. A better understanding of these diagnostic dilemmas will provide the clinician a map to navigate the path to diagnostic accuracy. Additionally, a method will be presented for assessing the complexity of an endodontic case once an accurate diagnosis has been made.

At the conclusion, participants should be able to:


  • List the characteristics and clinical features that distinguish non-odontogenic pain from that of endodontic origin.
  • Use a systematic method to formulate a differential diagnosis of radiographic lesions found in the periradicular area.
  • Explain the classification systems of orofacial pain to facilitate appropriate management.
  • Use a systematic method to assess the complexity of an endodontic case.


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