AGD2017 Las Vegas
P26: Oral Cancer Prevention & Detection Techniques - PM

Subject: 736 - Cancer Screening
Credits: 3 (Participation)
Thursday, July 13: 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Audience*: D, H
Fee: $60
Location: Promenade Level, Salerno
This course is in collaboration with the AGD Foundation.

*PLEASE NOTE: Only Nevada-registered dentists and hygienists may participate in oral cancer screenings.

Speaker Bio: Retired Col. USA, Chief Dental Service, Miami VA Healthcare Systems; Past President, AGD Foundation and Chair, AGD Foundation Outreach Committee

Description: This course will cover current knowledge and examination techniques for primary health care providers with respect to oral cancer. Learn about biomarkers, biopsies and the future of early detection. Early diagnosis in the dental office is paramount to decreasing the number of deaths associated with this disease. A proper, thorough intraoral and extraoral examination takes only 5–7 minutes. A live, hands-on demonstration will be performed. Then, attendees will have an opportunity to practice on live patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of the early detection of oral cancer or precancerous lesions.
  • Be able to educate your patients and your community about oral cancer symptoms and risk factors, as well as raise awareness of this deadly disease.

This oral cancer course is made possible with support from:

AGD Foundation Major Corporate Donor

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