AGD2017 Las Vegas

Become the Leader You Were Always Meant to Be

As part of the new AGD Leadership Academy, AGD2017 will feature a unique opportunity for attendees to enhance their personal leadership skills:
S00: ALL NEW - Introduction to Collaborative Leadership

  , Director & COO, Adventure Associates

Subject: 770 - Self-Improvement
Credits: 8 (Lecture)
Wednesday, July 12th: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Audience: D, R
Fee: $60
(Lunch will be provided)
Location: Emperor's Level, Augustus II

Speaker bio: Berkeley, CA; Director and COO, Adventure Associates, Inc.

Description: New AGD Leadership Symposium! Interested in enhancing your leadership skills? This one-day intensive workshop to support and develop Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) members, both in terms of your efficacy as leaders within your own businesses and communities, as well as to support leadership development and effectiveness within AGD. 

Outcome objectives include:

  • Increased confidence in team leadership skills pertaining to leveraging talents of diverse groups
  • Working knowledge and ability to apply basic collaborative problem-solving skills in conflict situations
  • Increased ability and confidence in giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Deepened awareness and increased abilities in interpersonal communication skills
  • Increased awareness and abilities for situational-appropriate decision making methods
  • Increased awareness of strategies for managing work-life balance (time & priority management), as you strive to achieve excellence as leaders in your practice, community and even AGD.
  • Clear intentions for ongoing personal leadership development goals


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Rather than relying solely on slide presentations and lectures, this program utilizes highly experiential strategies for eliciting insights, instilling knowledge and developing practical skills. Through a series of custom-designed small group scenarios, participants will face increasingly difficult (yet enjoyable!) situations where solutions can only come from applying effective collaborative leadership skills. Your facilitator will provide short presentations along the way, revealing helpful models, tools, and tips. Most importantly, the facilitator will carefully guide the participants through reflective pre and post-activity debrief discussions aimed at uncovering wisdom and strengths from the participants themselves. Because of the experiential nature of this course, participants with varying degrees of prerequisite knowledge will be equally challenged to further develop their competencies from wherever they may start. Lessons and insights will be tracked and fed back in the form of a post-program report.