AGD2017 Las Vegas
F02: Dental Pearls from the Fellows and Masters

Subject: 149 - Multi Disciplinary Topics
Credits:  3    Lecture
Thursday, July 13th: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Audience: DTC (D,H,A,O,T), ST, R
Fee: Free with registration!
Location: Emperor's Level, Augustus II
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Silver Diamine Fluoride Application in the Elderly
Gilda Pronych, DDS, FAGD

Description: Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is gaining popularity as an effective agent to arrest caries. It is easy to apply and cost-effective. It is being used in many school-based programs and pediatric dental offices. The purpose of my presentation is to determine if SDF may be a good treatment alternative to fluoride varnish and glass ionomer restorations in some of our institutionalized elderly population. I will present case studies that illustrate who may be good candidates for SDF and follow these patients over a course of several months. This study covers indications where SDF applications may be useful in a nursing home setting, how lesions treated with SDF change over time and what factors contribute to successful treatment, and will outline steps in the application of SDF to root caries in the elderly.


Simplified Approach to Fabricating a Bruxism Splint
William Bachand, DDS, MAGD, ABGD

Description: A simplified technique will be described that demonstrates how to make an flat plane acrylic split intraorally. This eliminates the need for impressions, interocclusal records, and the lab fabrication phase. This presentation will cover indications for splints, the types of splints available for use, including the pros and cons for each type.


Socket Shield Technique for an Immediate Implant
Steven Holbrook, DMD, MAGD

Description: This case illustrates a technique for guided immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalization utilizing a model guided flapless socket shield technique and a nanostructured titanium implant. The implant utilized is fabricated from nanostructured CP titanium making the implant more appropriate for immediate loading due to nanostructured titanium’s potential for quicker healing and enhanced strength. The case employs a flapless surgical technique which is model guided to optimize implant position and minimize gingival recession. A socket shielding strategy, immediate placement of the final abutment, platform shifting and immediate provisionalization were also used to minimize the risk of gingival recession and optimize the result in the esthetic zone.


The Single Tooth Anterior Implant: A Case Report
George Schmidt, DMD, FAGD

Surgical placement and restoration of the single anterior implant can often times be a complex and challenging procedure for the clinician. This fast paced program will will review the surgical placement and restoration of a single implant in a case review format. A discussion will be held about the common pitfalls during this type of procedure, what was done well, and what could have been done better. 
At the completion of the presentation the attendee will be able to understand the guidelines of anterior flap design and implant placement, understand the mechanics of restoring the single tooth anterior implant, and understand common mistakes and pifalls encountered with this type of procedure.


Intraosseous Infusion of Articaine
John Christensen, DDS, FAGD

Description: This case study will illustrate a new technique to anesthetize mandibular molars, including the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.  It will also discuss why infiltration is ineffective for mandibular molars.


Technology & Expanded Applications of Implantology
Rudy Wassenaar, DMD, MAGD, DABOI, FAAID

The last two decades have seen huge shifts in the application of dental implantology as it relates to routine dental care.

Effect of Composite Warming on Shear Bond Strength
Thomas McDaniel, DMD, FAGD

Description: Skilled general dentists are in a unique position to offer comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment plans, and executing them in a way no single specialist can perform. Treatment plans involving surgical extractions, periodontal care, endodontics, restorations plus crowns would take a team of specialists...or one general dentist. If this patient has special needs, then the treatment may require office sedation and operating room general anesthesia. This case of a 39 year old female with Huntington's Disease requiring comprehensive dental care was evaluated in the office, treated in the OR, and then successfully completed in the office via oral conscious sedation.


Extract & Implant with Immediate Load and Function

Description:  Description: This presentation will detail the methods and materials to Atraumatically Extract, Immediately place a Small diameter Implant directly in the extraction site, place a graft and close using Oral Plastic Surgery principles, place a Temporary Crown. Healing times, impression protocol, Temporization methods and Permanent Crown features and cementation will be discussed.  This presentation will include Anesthesia Methods, Atraumatic Extraction Methods, Socket Grafting and Closure, Implant selection and placement, Crown design and features, Impression method, Occusal Adjustment and Guidelines, and Cementation.

Non-Odontogenic Tooth and Jaw Pain
Mary Charles Haigler, DMD, FAGD

Description: A patient presented to me with pain associated with a crowned endo treated tooth. No pathology was noted. We tried adjusting the crown, and saw her back in a couple of weeks. The pain description changed over time, eventually being described as a burning/itching along with an ache. How was the exam completed. She was treated with amitriptyline and recovered. I will talk about other means of treatment that could have been used and why or why not. I will talk about the mechanism of neuropathic pain, and why treatments work.