AGD2017 Las Vegas
L15: Doctor and Team Strategies for Practice Success, Practice Growth and Improved Treatment Acceptance

Subject: 550–Practice Management & Human Relations

Credits: 6 (Lecture)

Saturday, July 15: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Lunch: noon to 2 p.m.)
Audience: D, H, A, ST, R
Fee: $120
Location: Pool Level, Forum 15 - 17

Katz Bio: Malverne, New York; general private practice; attending, North Shore University Hospital; dental consultant, Fox News; team dentist, New York Jets

Fox-Galvani Bio: Malverne, New York; certified dental assistant; partner, Smile Potential Dental Practice Coaching

Description: The development of a passionate, motivated and efficient team leads to practice growth, profitability and emotional fulfillment for everyone in the practice. Practice growth and success is dependent on creating a relationship, developing understanding and creating a partnership with the patient in the care of the dental team. When this occurs, patients accept more of the care they need, and they refer others to the practice.

Learning objectives:
Understand how a true vision can guide the daily decisions in operating a practice.
Understand the importance of time management and how it impacts the practice.
Understand that measurement of performance gives us the tools to make good decisions when it comes to the management of the practice.

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