AGD2017 Las Vegas
L20: WOW! Complete Dentures in One Hour (LECTURE ONLY)

Subject Code: 671 - Complete Dentures
Credits: 3 (Lecture)
Saturday, July 15: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Audience: D, ST, R
Fee: $60
Location: Promenade Level, Milano III

Speaker Bio: Carmel Valley, California; founder and developer of the Larell One Step Denture

Description: With new materials and innovative, easy-to-learn techniques, dentists can fabricate complete dentures in a single office visit, in about an hour, without the use of an outside lab. Used for complete dentures, immediate dentures, and implant overdentures, the techniques discussed during this course can help you attract new patients, expand your practice, and increase your income.

Learning Objectives:
  • Review denture prosthodontic principles for better denture results.
  • Understand the indications and uses for the one-hour denture.
  • Learn how to incorporate these techniques into your practice.