WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Creating a Culture of Learning Innovation (Part 2)

Speaker: , Chief Innovation Officer, Saint Leo University
Speaker: , Director of Learning Innovation, Saint Leo University

Every school has a few innovation “pockets” to showcase. From pioneering instructors to first-adopter technologists, innovation exists at most schools. But disparate, silos of innovation likely are not enough to solve the problems education is facing anymore. We need scalable, sustainable, intentional innovation impacting multiple streams of education context (like retention, content delivery, instruction, assessment, etc.), if we want to stay relevant and successful as teaching and learning organizations. ​At the same time, it is now widely understood that meaningful innovation, leading to meaningful adoption of new processes, tools, or strategies, requires a change to culture. How many strategies and initiatives have died on the vine throughout higher education because of the rippling effects of culture or politics? The speakers will share a researched and tested blueprint for successful implementation and operationalization of initiatives as used by Saint Leo to create a culture of Learning Innovation, at scale, across the entire organization.