WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Adaptive Learning: Achieving Program Outcomes and Increasing Engagement

Speaker: , Director of Academic Operations, Colorado Technical University
Speaker: , VP of Educational Technology
Speaker: , University Dean of Nursing, Colorado Technical University
Speaker: , University Program Director, Colorado Technical University
Moderator: , Associate Dean, Alternative Learning, Alternative Learning, American Public University System

Colorado Technical University has implemented adaptive learning into many of its courses and programs. Although the College of Nursing and College of Business have both integrated adaptive learning throughout their courses and programs, each college took a slightly different approach to achieve success. All nursing program courses utilize adaptive technology and are mapped to program outcomes and the Capstone. Faculty and students have insight into student progression throughout the program as they work towards achieving program outcomes. Adaptive technology has also been successfully integrated into CTU’s College of Business. The process of integrating adaptive learning into the courses necessitated collaboration between college leadership, faculty, and operations. The panelists will share their strategies for successful adaptive implementation, discuss steps of a complex programmatic build using adaptive technology, and demonstrate adaptive program outcome analytics.