WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Online Course-Taking as a Student Success Practice

Speaker: , Teaching, Learning, and Technology Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Speaker: , Chair, Biomedical Sciences; Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Speaker: , Executive Director, UWM Online, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Moderator: , Chief Academic Officer/Provost, Colorado Technical University


The aim of this session is to reframe the mindset about online enrollment, moving past studies comparing face-to-face and online modes of instruction to examine the extent to which taking online courses can help students achieve their goals. Drawing on a pool of 22,912 student data records from Fall 2010 to Spring 2016 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the research presented in this session focuses on the impact of taking online courses on progress toward degree and graduation rates for all students, including those who combine online and on-campus courses and Pell-eligible students. The session will also address strategies to encourage students to take online courses, focusing on 1) creating a wide array of online courses; 2) online summer session marketing campaigns and results; and 3) the role of advising.


 Online Course Taking