WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Content Strategy: 5 Proven Steps to Digital and OER Implementation

Speaker: , Professional Development, Ed Map
Speaker: , Director of Competency Based Learning Solutions, Capella University
Moderator: , Director, Academic Technologies, University of Hawaii System

Explore the tasks and milestones required for a successful paradigm shift to digital course materials. Mapping a comprehensive and integrated education content strategy that supports all stakeholders, promotes student learning, and helps you achieve your institution’s mission. Uncover how a large percentage of the student experience is directly related to course content and how little attention it gets. Discover the increasing merging of software, content, and services and what that means in the old and newer models. And learn how to look at course materials and services at a program level. Key areas addressed: identifying support from internal and external champions, targeting desired outcomes, moving beyond the resistance to change, understanding current infrastructure and technical barriers, and communication and timeline planning.