WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Price & Cost Panel Discussion

Speaker: , Assistant Provost and Director, University of Florida
Speaker: , President, NCHEMS
Speaker: , Senior Research Analyst, WCET

Legislators, governors, and other leaders often believe that distance courses should cost less to produce and deliver. After all, they use technology and technologies reduces costs. As a result, they assume that the price paid by students to enrolled in distance courses should be less than they pay for a similar on-campus experience. In WCET’s Price and Cost of Distance Education Report, a majority of distance education professionals surveyed revealed that they charge slightly more for distance courses. Meanwhile, there was a vocal minority of survey respondents and interviewed experts who vehemently disagreed with this finding. A new dialogue is needed to bring expectations in line with reality. This panel discussion will bring together the various stakeholders in the debate about price and cost for a facilitated discussion that allows participants and observers to understand and appreciate the perspectives of their colleagues in different roles. The panel will include perspectives include an operational director and someone who has experience reducing costs through fundamental restructuring and leadership that is willing to do things differently.