WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
From Silver Bullets To Silver Linings: Lessons Learned in Educational Technology

Speaker: , Director, Media Resources Center, Wichita State University


At Wichita State University's Media Resources Center (MRC) we have had to face some hard truths, and chief among those has been the tough realization that products, services, or solutions we thought would be silver bullets have turned out to not meet our needs. Wichita State University faces serious and ever-changing technological challenges. Recently, most of those are centered around our commitment to make all content accessible to all users in the next four years. That has pushed departments like the MRC to experiment with new ideas, and experimentation leads to unintended consequences and failure in many cases. This presentation will talk through several solutions and challenges we have faced relating to technology, instruction, and accessibility -- each a misstep in one or more important ways. We will discuss our disappointments, our workarounds, and where possible, our solutions.