WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
CBE From A:Z

Speaker: , Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Speaker: , Vice President, Institutional Advancement , Western Governors University
Speaker: , Operations Research Analyst, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Speaker: , Vice President for Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development, Northwestern State University
Moderator: , Director of Competency Based Learning Solutions, Capella University

Competency-based education continues to grow and more and more institutions are developing and implementing programs. This session includes three unique perspectives: sharing ideas, inspiration, and lessons learned. Texas A&M University-Commerce was a pioneer in CBE in 2012 and will share what they learned about getting started. Northwestern State University recently embarked on the development of an online competency-based program. The experience led to the University creating a new, creative pathway for students to achieve academic success while meeting workforce needs. They also emphasized professional development for those involved in the CBE program development, launch, and execution. Lastly, Western Governors University will discuss the role of data in CBE- how it is used by faculty and staff to effectively serve students and their employability. Join us for this interactive session and bring your questions about CBE.


Texas A&M Commerce Slides