WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Mixed MakerSpaces: Integrating Maker Culture in the Online Classroom

Speaker: , Librarian, Front Range Community College
Speaker: , Technical Support Specialist, Laramie County Community College
Speaker: , Senior Instructional Designer, Laramie County Community College
Speaker: , Instructional Designer, University of Denver
Speaker: , Instructional Designer, CCCOnline
Moderator: , Instructional Designer, CCCOnline

MakerSpaces are not a new concept in education, but the intersection of physical and virtual community spaces as a teaching and assessment tool within online courses is a particular challenge when designing fully online courses taken by students who may never set foot on a physical campus to access institutional resources.

Integrating physical equipment (3D Printing, laser cutters, etc.), materials, online tools, video/music recording software and hardware, and more in a fully online course requires connecting geographically dispersed students with multiple physical and virtual options for collaboration and creation. There are a growing number of free, community-based labs and makerspaces that could be utilized as practice or project options within a course. A first step is identifying the resources and gathering them into a single space for use in course design, and eventual student reference and use. Then what? How do we thoughtfully design integration of physical and virtual makerspaces within online courses?

Panelists will describe their current connection with maker culture and discuss options for harnessing the potential of mixed makerspaces in the digital classroom.