WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Faculty Feedback in Direct Assessment: A Focus on Quality

Speaker: , Academic Director, Direct Assessment, Capella University
Speaker: , Faculty Chair, MBA Program, Capella
Moderator: , Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Development, University of Maryland University College


The role of the faculty member in competency-based, direct assessment programs is arguably both the most important and the least defined. Capella University’s FlexPath programs place in-depth, high quality feedback from faculty at the center of the learning experience. As Capella’s FlexPath programs have continued to scale, new methods are needed to support faculty in providing high quality feedback.  This presentation will share results of research conducted at Capella to better understand the impact of feedback on the learning process and learner satisfaction. Subsequent change management efforts to further define and support the delivery of quality feedback, including a community of practice and sophisticated reporting tools, will also be discussed.