WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
The #3Wedu Conversation: Redefining Higher Ed to Support Women

Facilitator: , Director, Grant Projects, Online Learning Consortium
Facilitator: , Director, eLearning Research and Development, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Facilitator: , Learning Design Manager, Michigan State University


This session will provide a forum for all conference participants to engage in a meaningful conversation about ways women are leading in ed-tech and higher ed; why it is important for their authentic voice to be a part of the conversation, and ways women’s ideas can be heard no matter where in the organization they are. A focus of this roundtable session will be to create a space where women can talk in their authentic voice and share their stories. This will enable us to better understand a range of women’s needs, what women are striving towards, and how this connects to their personal experience and values. We will gain insights by learning about how women in higher ed, specifically their perspective and worldview, can be leveraged in the design of programs, organizational structures, and systems.