WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Academic Value Networks: Maximize Stakeholder Value to Transform Higher Learning

Speaker: , President, Higher Learning Challenge
Moderator: , Executive Director, Quality Matters


Recent surveys such as NACE (2016) and PayScale (2016) show that employers’ demand for skills is not being met by graduate competency. Improving learning and learning capacity has the potential with technology, analytics, and process discipline to decrease costs and elevate learning and work performance. This presentation proposes using the theories of Jobs to be Done and Value Networks to meet the needs of the academic stakeholders: students, faculty, employers, universities, accreditors, government and society. The term Academic Value Network is proposed and illustrated. A ten-step high-level plan is given. Recommendations based on the value network analysis and backed up by case experience are made to improve value for all stakeholders: Lowering cost of learning using technology and prioritizing learning capacity lead to lower operating costs and tuition, greater investments in quality leading to more graduates who are better prepared with lower debt, who perform more effectively for employers and can earn higher wages; these changes improve a family’s economic and social standing and prepares quality citizens for democracy and when one at national scale, builds society and the economy.