WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Tech to Connect Students with Campus Resources to Increase Success & Well-being

Speaker: , Director of Clinical Programs
Moderator: , Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Engagement, University of Colorado System Office

With 1 in 3 freshman not making it to their sophomore year, a team of experts in behavioral health, technology, marketing and college administration was gathered to develop YOU at College through a public-private partnership between Colorado Statue University and Grit Digital Health. With the recognition that college challenges do not occur in a vacuum, YOU is a digital platform that takes a comprehensive approach to support students across three domains of well-being: Succeed (academic and career), Thrive (mental and physical health) and Matter (meaning and campus connections). YOU is customized to each university to include campus specific resources, as well as original and online evidence-based resources that personalize for each unique student user. At CSU, YOU has had over 20,000 unique sessions in which 87% of users reported connecting to a new campus resource, 76% reported being better able to manage their stress, and 98% of first year students reported learning something new about themselves across each of the domains. The presentation will overview the research, development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of YOU as an emerging technology supporting student success.