WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Replaced by Robots: Easing Faculty Fears Surrounding Adaptive Learning

Facilitator: , Program Chair for General Education, Colorado Technical University


“We’re being replaced by robots!” This is usually the sentiment expressed by seasoned faculty when it is first suggested that they might want to try Adaptive Learning (AL) technology in their classrooms. AL technology can be a powerful tool for student learning, but in order for the full potential of this technology to be realized, faculty must be in engaged. In some ways, they must be even more engaged with individual students than they otherwise would be in a more traditional, face to face classroom setting. One major hurdle in getting faculty buy-in for AL technology is fear – fear that they will no longer be needed, fear that the students won’t learn, and fear that they may have to learn a new way of teaching. This facilitated group discussion will explore ways in which institutions can ease faculty fears surrounding Adaptive Learning and help them move from skeptics to champions of AL technology.