WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Ask the Expert: The State Role in Postsecondary eLearning in an Era of Public Disinvestment

Speaker: , Vice President of the Office of Policy Analysis and Research, WICHE
Speaker: , Assistant Provost and Director, University of Florida
Speaker: , Vice Chancellor, Workforce & Digital Futures, California Community Colleges
Moderator: , Director, SAN, WCET

Public higher education officials have worried about decreases in state appropriations. Given projected drops in traditional age students, is this justifiable? In response to several years of increases in tuition and fees, legislators and governors view educational technologies as a cost saving measure. And what is the state role in new initiatives, such as the University of Florida online, a new community college in California, the Purdue/Kaplan marriage, and emerging non-accredited providers? Hear updates, opinions, and come prepared with your questions.