WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Students First: Using Results from Early CBE Programs to Improve Student Success

Speaker: , Associate Vice President, Higher Education Policy & Research, Blackboard
Speaker: , Co-Founder and Director of College Completion, PelotonU
Moderator: , Director of Instructional Services, Northern Virginia Community College


Although competency-based education has been around for decades, it is only in the last ten years that we have seen a significant increase in its application. With several programs across the country beginning to reach maturity, we now have the opportunity to examine the lessons  they learned through their early pilots, especially lessons that focus on improving student success. Although much of the conversation around CBE is focused on its promise of putting students first, those student voices are seldom part of our conversa that are in the workforce, are often looking for programs that will be flexible. This panel will look at the lessons learned from early CBE programs as well as unique student support systems so we can better understand how students are reacting to CBE, we will include current CBE students on the panel.