WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Transformative Learning as the Double Whammy: U.S. Innovation Adopted Abroad

Speaker: , Executive Director Center for Excellence Transformative Teaching Learning, University of Central Oklahoma
Moderator: , Vice President, iDesign


The liberal education ethos differentiates “education” from “training,” say many. But operationalizing liberal education with explicit processes comprising an intentional, coherent action plan to ensure such an education is daunting. Transformative Learning (TL), though, can accomplish this, and many international institutions have a double interest in TL for inculcating liberal education: 1) instructional strategies that are more effective than lecture and rote-memorization, and 2) graduates equipped and motivated to contribute to the social good at the community, regional, and national levels. Municipal, provincial, and national governments in some countries mandate that postsecondary institutions educate future citizens who can solve societal problems. Conversants in this spotlight session will engage South African, Kenyan, New Zealand, and Iraqi ideas about the critical role higher education must play to solve society- or culture-threatening challenges.