WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Agile As Amplification: A Process For Campus-Wide Collaboration and Transparency

Speaker: , Learning Design Manager, Michigan State University
Speaker: , Assistant Professor of Experience Architecture Assistant Director of MA in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing Fellow, MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, Michigan State University
Speaker: , Associate Director Academic Technology, Michigan State University
Moderator: , Manager, Communications, WCET


The advent of the MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology generated some interesting challenges to our campus infrastructure, and quickly “broke” some long standing workflows and processes. We realized that:

  1. We had to work together more effectively and efficiently, as well as build a shared culture of transparency within the team

  2. We had to mobilize (and be mobilized by) campus stakeholders more effectively, building a culture of efficiency, and shared vision

  3. We needed a culture that embraced failure while valuing efficiency

Existing campus processes needed to be re-configured via building new culture and process that works with existing reporting requirements and channels. For the past year, the teams at the MSU Hub and MSU Information Technology worked to generate a process that is more inclusive, transparent, and agile. From more purposely including students in projects and leadership, to developing a weekly rhythm for our workflow that allows time for creativity and public intellectual pursuits, to creating transparent, visible task boards and project intake and feedback processes. As a part of this presentation, we will also make our tools available to anyone.