WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Analytics is a 21st Century Team Sport

Speaker: , Senior Consultant, Linda L. Baer, Consultants
Speaker: , Senior Director, Strategic Services, Civitas Learning


The use of analytics has been expanding in higher education. While all institutions use analytics in a descriptive reporting format, more have moved to deeper analysis of what the data mean.  Use of historical and trend data has improved the understanding of institutional performance and student success. However, colleges and universities are still experiencing stagnant improvement in persistence and completion. Approaching analytics as a 21st century team sport is a useful model to improve the launch and sustainability of analytics across institutions. A critical factor that many innovative users of analytics point out is the importance of a cross-functional team. But, just forming the team isn’t the solution to improving decision-making and student success. As with athletes and teams, analytics in higher education requires strategy and a playbook to be successful. Targeting the right data, recruiting and training skilled staff, developing processes, using the right equipment/tools/playbook, and moving to insight and action are critical to student success.


Analytics is a Team Sport

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