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ACM Student Research Competition

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Expo Hall/Career Fair

Objective: Inspiration
Audience Level: All
Session Type: Posters

Student research is essential to the growth of technology. As part of GHC’s Poster Session, ACM sponsors a student research competition. Selected participants will present their posters at the General Poster Session and be evaluated by a panel of judges.

Poster: Harvesting Social Signals to Inform Peace Processes Implementation and Monitoring
Presenter: Aastha Nigam

Poster: IntelGreen- An Intelligent Model for Allocation and Scheduling of Tasks in Energy aware Cloud
Presenter: Tarandeep Kaur

Poster: Access Control Model for a Multi-Cloud IoT Architecture
Presenter: Smriti Bhatt

Poster: Characterizing Rigidity Properties of Protein Cavities through Data Visualization
Presenter: Stephanie Mason

Poster: MyQuitPal: A Participant-Centric Smoking Cessation System
Presenter: Theodore Weber

Poster: CCINT: Cyber-Crime INTelligence Framework for Detecting Online Radical Content
Presenter: Mariam Nouh

Poster: A System Architecture for Hands-Free UAV Drone Control Using Intuitive Voice Commands
Presenter: Megan Landau

Poster: An Automated Framework for Assistance in the Search for Missing Child
Presenter: Yuchao Ma

Poster: Scenic Routes Now: Efficiently Solving the Time- Dependent Arc Orienteering Problem
Presenter: Ying Lu

Poster: HexVASAN: A Variadic Function Sanitizer
Presenter: Priyam Biswas

Poster: Securing Sensitive Information in Smart Mobile Devices through Difficult-to-Mimic and Single-Time Usage Analytics
Presenter: Saiyma Sarmin

Poster: Personalized Emphasis Framing for Persuasive Message Generation
Presenter: Tao Ding

Poster: NAAP: A prevention strategy using mobile app and wearable devices
Presenter: Md Monsur Hossain

Poster: SMART: A Distributed Architecture for Dynamic Spectrum Management
Presenter: Parishad Karimi

Poster: Towards Big Data in Vehicular Clouds
Presenter: Aida Ghazi Zadeh

Poster: Web Text-based Network Industry Classifications: Preliminary Results
Presenter: Palak Modi

Poster: Climate Control: Measurement of Ultraviolet Radiation
Presenter: Christina Reid