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GHC General Poster Session

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Expo Hall/Career Fair

Objective: Inspiration
Audience Level: All
Session Type: Posters

Selected participants to the Poster Session will informally present their research to conference attendees in the Expo Hall. The ACM Student Research Competition will be held at the same time.

Posters and Presenters

Human Computer Interaction

Poster: The Golden Age of Icon Design
Presenter: Merav Alon

Poster: She Wants the Drone: Human-Drone Interaction in Personal Safety
Presenter: Dana Lee

Poster: Web Accessibility
Presenter: Richa Nagarkar

Poster: A High-Resolution Statistical Framework for Estimating Residential Electricity Consumption
Presenter: April Morton

Poster: Appropriation and Influence of Facebook in Young Adults in Bangladesh
Presenter: Shameem Ahmed

Poster: Consumer IoT 2.0 - the real Artificial Intelligence
Presenter: Prachi Jadhav

Poster: Are the Lights On? Are Emergency Managers Getting the Data They Need?
Presenter: Lucy Qin

Machine Learning

Poster: Open Discovery Platform: Accelerate data-driven scientific discovery
Presenter: Ioana Baldini

Poster: Affinity Propagation Outlier Clustering
Presenter: Linsey Pang

Poster: Evaluation of a trumpet player's long notes exercise using machine learning
Presenter: Erika Tai

Poster: Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)-guided Deep Neural Network for Pattern Discovery in Clickstream Data
Presenter: Tharathorn Rimchala

Poster: Impact of sample size on false alarm and missed detection rates in PCA-based anomaly detection
Presenter: Ni An

Poster: Predicting Movie Success from Tweets
Presenter: Rose Kanjirathinkal

Software Engineering

Poster: Use VOICE to Authenticate VDI Solution
Presenter: Deepika Gupta

Poster: The Micro Application Architecture for Macro Changes
Presenter: Shiran Silviano

Poster: Moving from On Premise to On Demand: A Coast to Coast Journey
Presenter: Nadine Bogenrieder

Poster: Enabling product success with shift left performance and continuous performance management
Presenter: Saradha Gopalakrishnan

Poster: Can Legacy Applications Achieve Continuous Delivery & Cloud Readiness?
Presenter: Radhika Atukuri

Poster: Experience with a Physicist-Developed, Collaborative, Large-Scale Software Project for Discovering the Nature of Neutrinos
Presenter: Erica Snider

Artificial Intelligence

Poster: Ontology based Intelligent Framework for the analysis of Big data
Presenter: Vandana Bhatia

Poster: Clean City: A Deep Learning Based Approach
Presenter: Navya Pedemane

Big Data/Supercomputing

Poster: Framework to Extract Context Vectors from Unstructured Data using Big Data Analytics
Presenter: Sarah Masud

Poster: Scaling Up to Handle Big Data with Message Systems
Presenter: Lior Azar

Poster: Big Data for Aircraft maintenance: Aircraft Airworthiness analytics algorithm
Presenter: Joannah Nanjekye

Poster: Finding Causality in Large Data Using Propensity Score Matching
Presenter: Shirin Mojarad

Cloud Computing

Poster: Operational Data Science Using Cortana Intelligent Suite (CIS)
Presenter: Qingxiong Deng

Poster: Container-as-a-Service at the Edge: Tradeoff between Energy-Efficiency and Service Availability at Fog Nano Data Centers
Presenter: Kuljeet Kaur

Poster: Secure Processing-aware Media Storage (SPMS)
Presenter: Arpita Roy

Algorithms and Data Structure

Poster: Towards Efficiently Securing Network Communication Exploiting A Synergy Between Compression and Encryption
Presenter: Shuvra Chakraborty


Poster: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Multichannel Access
Presenter: Shangxing Wang

Poster: Propagation Loss Aware Routing in Wireless Nanosensor Networks having Directional Nano-Antennas
Presenter: Suraiya Tairin

Poster: Performance Exploration of Real-Time Communication Between Train and Rail Track with High Bit Error Rate for Detection of Derailment
Presenter: Novia Nurain

Open Source

Poster: SNI Mapping in Apache Traffic Server
Presenter: Syeda Aziz


Poster: A Novel Packet Classification technique for VoIP candidature in Deep Packet Inspection
Presenter: Chaitra R

Poster: Certificateless Proxy Re-encryption scheme for e-health data security in mobile cloud computing paradigm
Presenter: Tarunpreet Bhatia

Natural Language Processing

Poster: Enhancement in Student Learning and Teaching Quality using Sentiment Analysis
Presenter: Sujata Rani

Poster: Modelling Flexibility in Making Clarification Request Based on Conversational Grounding in Situated Human-Robot Dialogue
Presenter: Aprajita Shukla

Information and Communications

Poster: Speech-based System to Help Blind People with Establishing Item Organization Systems
Presenter: Bowon Yang

High Performance/Parallel Computing

Poster: Improving Particle-in-Cell Plasma Simulations Using Higher Order Current Deposition Schemes
Presenter: Eve Matthaey

Poster: Large Histogram Computation for Normalized Mutual Information on GPU
Presenter: Sophie Voisin


Poster: “The Memory Wall” – Myth or Reality?
Presenter: Wendy Elsasser

Poster: Race against Troubleshooting: Predictive Maintenance for Data Protection
Presenter: Dhanashri Phadke

Computer Science Education

Poster: Argonne National Laboratory's Cyber Defense Competition: “Defending Tomorrow's Infrastructure Today"
Presenter: Jennifer Fowler

Poster: The Role of Gender in CS Classwork Collaboration and Its Impact on Women's Success
Presenter: Claire Genre

Computer Architecture and Hardware

Poster: DANNA: A Comprehensive Neuromorphic System
Presenter: Catherine Schuman

Poster: Hardware-Software Co-design for Secure, Efficient and High Performance Data Processing
Presenter: Aida Vosoughi

Databases/Information Retrieval/Data Mining

Poster: Suitability of Online Resources retrieved in response to Children's Queries
Presenter: Oghenemaro Anuyah

Poster: Overcoming additive manufacturing challenges using data analytics
Presenter: Sarah Powers

Environmental Engineering and Environmental Information Technology, including Renewable Energy and Green Technology

Poster: Effectiveness of Super Resolution Convolutional Neural Network in Enhancing Land Cover Classification from Mid-Resolution Satellite Images
Presenter: Debolina Halder

Poster: Real-time, field-level rainfall estimates for farmers
Presenter: Beth Reid


Poster: New Techniques and Strategies for Product Testing in AR/VR
Presenter: Sri Cressy

Operating Systems

Poster: Topaz: An Efficient and Accurate OS jitter detection technique for High Performance Computing
Presenter: Manali Bhutiyani

Biotechnology/Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Poster: Optimal Probes: A Tool to Predict "Experiments" to Study Protein Dynamics using Machine Learning
Presenter: Shriyaa Mittal


Poster: Computational Block Programming
Presenter: Cindi Simmons

Poster: Computational Thinking Through Storytelling
Presenter: Deja Jackson

Poster: Locally Linear Embedding of Chromatic Clusterings in Temporal and Spatial Domains
Presenter: Linda Beverly

Poster: Student Interaction and Graphical Development
Presenter: Kate Zeleya


Poster: Teaching Machines to Understand Us: Noun Event Extraction by Automatically Identifying and Assessing New Linguistic Patterns
Presenter: Ida Behreini

Poster: Designing for a Generation: Accessible Navigation Tools for Older Adults
Presenter: Taylor Day

Poster: Virtual Human Gesture Prediction Using Machine Learning
Presenter: Isabela Figueira

Poster: Consensus scoring to improve protein-ligand docking with DINC web server
Presenter: Sarah Hall-Swan

Poster: The Impact of Telestration on Operating Room Communication Patterns
Presenter: Katie Li

Poster: Effects of Presence from a Realistic Virtual AI on Perception and Depth of a Hallway in Virtual Reality
Presenter: Karla Paraiso

Poster: Predicting User's Intentions With Visualization Systems
Presenter: Surina Puri

Poster: Augmenting Stack Overflow with API Usage Patterns Mined from GitHub
Presenter: Anastasia Reinhardt

Poster: Examining the Physician-Patient Relationship Through Online Reviews
Presenter: Lindsay Zadunayski

Poster: Using Smart Home Technologies to Aid The Cognitively Impaired
Presenter: Joan Zheng