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DS516: How to Turn Data Science into Dollars (repeat)

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Objective: Guidance
Audience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Session Type: Panel

Companies can make money from data science by using it to improve business processes, enhance core offerings with digital features and/or great customer experiences, and by selling analytics-based services. Each approach, however requires unique capabilities and commitments. During this panel, we will explore the exciting – and unique – data monetization strategies GE, eBay, Microsoft and Cisco.


Barbara Wixom, Principal Research Scientist, MIT Center for IS Research
Sarmila Basu, Chief Data Scientist, Microsoft
Kristen Burton, Director, Enterprise Data Science Office and Digital Process Transformation, Cisco Systems Inc.
Christina Clark, Chief Data Officer, General Electric
Kala Ramaswamy, Senior Director, BI and Financial Systems, eBay