Global Biobank Week


« Colloquium » refers to the company in charge of organizing the Event, within the framework of a previous mandate granted by its principal or giver, in general, a professional association, Colloquium acting, consequently, on behalf of the latter.

“Groups registration” refers to the registration of 10 or more participants

« Clients » refers to the legal entity or natural person applying for registration

« Participant » refers to the person whose registration is confirmed (e.g. conventioneer, exhibitor etc…)

« Services » refers to the services of which Colloquium is in charge within the framework of the hereby Agreement. The services could be detailed on the Site

« Site » refers to the website dedicated to the Event

« Event » refers to the event for which the registration is made (convention, conference, training day etc…).

« Special Terms» (equally STs) refers to all the provisions not included in the general terms and expressly mentioned on the different Web pages of the Site. In case of a contradiction, the STs prevail over the General Terms. The STs and General Terms represent all the agreements between the Client and Colloquium, proxy of its order giver.

1.    Field of Application

The hereby terms are applicable to the groups registrations on the Site, the Client guaranteeing the respect of these terms as well as the STs by the participants

2.     Registration on the Site

The site offers the Clients the possibility to purchase registrations to the Event via an online registration form

The client is financially responsible for his steps on the Site. He equally guarantees the veracity and exactness of the information provided on the Site and on the registration form and concerning him

Using the Site fraudulently or infringing the hereby shall justify the access refusal to the Client, at any moment, for the Services proposed by Colloquium.

3.    Registration procedure and terms

The Group registration can exclusively be made on the Site via the official online registration form. No registration shall be made and / or accepted and / or confirmed by phone, fax or in the Colloquium premises

Booking the Services is reserved only for the Clients who previously made themselves acquainted with the hereby General Terms and Special Terms in their entirety and accepted them by ticking the appropriate box on the registration form, Without this agreement, following the registration process is technically impossible.

Consequently, finalizing the registration process on the Site means the Client expressly accepts the hereby STs and General Conditions and formation of the Contract

Unless contrary provisions in the STs, the Client will have the possibility to manage the online registrations via a personal space or the sending to Colloquium of an Excel file including the personal data of the persons to register.

No registration is confirmed unless accompanied by the corresponding payment within the terms specified in the STs. Therefore, in case of a failure to receive the payment, the registration is thus invalid. Same if the payment is received beyond the time limit set in the STs.

The number of participants to the Event can be limited. Colloquium reserves the right to refuse registrations.

In addition, Colloquium reserves the right to refuse any application for registration for whatever reason, without having to justify its decision

The badges allowing the access to the Event are not transferable and can only be taken by their holder upon presentation of identity papers, unless exception, when all the badges pick-up is proposed to the Client for the Event. They are not exchangeable and cannot be resold.

Except contrary information specified in the STs, the time limit to register the participants taken in charge by the groups is set to 2 weeks prior to the Event.


4.    Prices and payments

The prices and detail of the proposed services can be detailed on the Site by category of participants (e.g. students, members, non-members, etc…)

Prices and the detail of proposed services are indicated on the Site.

It is specified that the purchase of registration at the group price is possible until 4 weeks before the first day of the Event. Once expired this term, the prices for individual registration shall apply to groups registrations.

It is specified that no reduce rate shall apply to groups registrations. A unique rate is proposed to the Client.

Unless otherwise specified in the STs, the prices are expressed net. The VAT in force in the country of the Event is to be added to the indicated price.

Unless otherwise specified on the Site, are not included in the prices the transport charges and accommodation and food expenses; the admission fees for the accompanying person; the expenses for the possible change of the registration.

These amounts are to be paid to Colloquium by the Client within 15 days following the date of emission of the corresponding invoice.

The invoiced amounts not paid on their term, notwithstanding the faculty of cancellation by Colloquium, contractually planned, will automatically generate late penalties at a rate equal to the rate applied by the European Central Bank (BCE) for its latest refinancing operation plus a 10-point percentage. In this case, the applicable rate for the civil year 1st semester is the current rate at 01-01, and for the second semester, the current rate at 01-07. These penalties being immediately due, on the day following the planned payment date, without a reminder being necessary, in pursuance with article L441-6 of the Trade Code. These late penalties shall be object of a distinct invoicing. The debtor, in situation of late payment will automatically owe a set compensation of 40 euros for recovery cost.

It is specified that, unless otherwise specified in the STs, any payment must be made at the latest 1 week before the first day of the Event.

The possible bank charges are exclusively chargeable to the Client/Participant


5.    Registration modification

Any change in the Participant’s name shall be considered a cancellation and give rise to a new registration at the price in force when the new Participant’ name is received. It is specified that the applicable price is the one in effect at the date when the registration and payment details are received.

Any change in the Participant’s name leads equally Colloquium to invoice administrative charges to the Participant. These charges amount likely to be invoiced is mentioned in the ST.

It is specified that purchased but not used registrations are neither refundable nor used on site.


6.    Respecting the Event rules

By registering, the Client commits himself to respect the whole rules applicable within the framework of the Event as well as all the organizers’ directives and orders. The Client guarantees the respect of these rules by the Participant.

Any infringement to the said rules can give rise to the contravening Participant exclusion, and this, according to the Colloquium’s only will, even without formal notification, and this, without reimbursement of the registration fees or any other amount paid by him which will remain owned by Colloquium

7.    Cancellation conditions

Any cancellation must be communicated in writing to the Event secretariat (fax or post mail or email)

Unless specific provisions in the STs, the applicable cancellation conditions are the following:

For any cancellation notified at the latest 8 weeks before the Event first day: reimbursement of the amounts paid for the registration and supplementary services after deduction of 50 € for administrative charges. If the due amounts are not paid at the time of the cancellation, these administrative charges would remain owed.

For any cancellation notified less than 8 weeks before the Event first day: no reimbursement will be made. In the event of non-payment of the owed amounts, at the cancellation time, all these amounts would remain owed.

The possible reimbursements are made after the Event. Any request for reimbursement shall be made at the latest 12 weeks after the Event first day. No request for reimbursement will be processed once expired this period.

8.    Evidence

It is expressly agreed that, except Colloquium manifest error, duly proved by the Client, the data kept in Colloquium’s information system carry probative force, as for the registrations made by the Client. The data on computer or electronic support constitute valid evidences and, as such, are acceptable under the same conditions and with the same probative force as any document that would be drawn up, received or kept in writing.

9.    Responsibility

9.1 For the Site use: no guaranty is granted to the Client concerning:

-       the absence of anomalies, errors and bugs likely to affect surfing on the Site or implementing any functionality proposed on the Site; 

-       or the possibility to correct these anomalies, errors or bugs;

-       the absence of interruption or breakdown in the Site functioning; or

-       the possible compatibility of the Site with a hardware or a particular configuration..

Under no circumstances shall Colloquium be responsible for the direct or indirect and / or immaterial, foreseeable or unforeseeable damages (including the loss of profits or of an opportunity) resulting from the supply and / or use or the total or partial impossibility to use the Site functionalities.

In any case, the Client declares knowing the Internet characteristics and limits, in particular its technological performances, the response times to consult, question or transfer data and the risks related to the communications security

9.2 For the Services: Colloquium’s responsibility can be involved only in the event of a negligence, within the framework of the Services carrying out, negligence that will have to be proved by the Client / Participant.

10. Insurrance

10.1 - Colloquium declares it signed with a notoriously solvent company an insurance policy covering its civil liability for the services it will provide within the framework of the hereby agreement. Under no circumstances, this liability can be extended:

-       neither to damages caused by third parties to Participants nor to damages caused by Participants to third parties;  

-       as well as to damages caused to the goods under the Participant custody

10.2 - The company managing the premises where the Event takes place is legally responsible, as owner of the permanent or temporary buildings and facilities used for holding the Event, as well as for operating the companies and activities it directly manages. It is the same for all the external companies.

10.3 - It is recommended to the Clients, Participants and accompanying persons to subscribe:

-       an individual civil liability insurance policy aiming at covering any damage caused to third parties either by themselves or by their staff or facilities,

-       an insurance policy covering the equipment belonging to them or the entrusted goods brought for the Event

-       any other adequate insurance policy related to their stay on the Event place (health, accident, repatriation, cancellation).

Applicable during or following the Event or during or following events organized around the Event, as Colloquium’s responsibility cannot be involved in the here above-mentioned situations

If provided for in the STs, in case of an external event preventing the Participant from going to the Event, the Client could subscribe, on the Site, (through a hypertext link toward our partner) an individual cancellation insurance policy, covering his expenses relating to his participation to the Event (e.g. registration fees, accommodation expenses, transport charges, etc…) within the proposed guarantees limits. This service is then marketed by a specialized Colloquium’s partner, under his own name, without Colloquium taking part in this service or seeing its responsibility involved in it.

11. Event Interruption and Cancellation

Colloquium cannot be held responsible should the Event be interrupted or cancelled, whatever the reason, in particular either for external reasons of political, social, economic or public health type, or for other reasons independent from their will (force majeure). In this case, the cancellation conditions provided for in the hereby shall be applied.

12. Force majeure

Should it be impossible to have the expected premises or other expected means essential for the holding of the Event, and this for reasons of Force Majeure, Colloquium could change the location or postpone the date. Under these conditions, the registration will still be valid for the modified Event, without being possible for the Client or the Participant to complain.

In a case of a Force Majeure obliging the organizer to cancel the Event, and being impossible to postpone it, Colloquium shall not be liable of any amount, compensation, penalty and / or damages of any kind to either the Client or the Participant

In particular, are considered events of Force Majeure, any unforeseeable, irresistible event, exterior to one of the parties and preventing it from totally or partly fulfilling his obligations with respect to the hereby

Should the event of force majeure last or occur less than 30 days before the beginning of the Event, the hereby agreement could be cancelled by the most diligent party, without any of the parties having the possibility to lay claim to damages.

This cancellation will then come into effect on the date of the first presentation of the registered letter with confirmation of receipt terminating the said agreement. The conditions will then apply. The information transmitted by the Client on the Site allow to process and carry out his reservations.

13. Data protection

Pursuant to the article 32 of the “Loi Informatique et Libertés” of January 6, 1978, amended by the law 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the information indispensable for processing and executing the registrations are indicated by an asterisk in the Site pages.

The other requests for information calling for an optional answer or the Client’s interest related information for the offers likely to be proposed are intended to better knowing him and improving the proposed services as well.

In pursuance of the law n° 78 of January 6, 1978, amended by the Law of 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the Client has, at any moment, a right of, access, amendment, correction, suppression of the data concerning him (art.39 and following of the “Informatique et Libertés” Law. In order to exercise it, the Client can contact Colloquium, by writing to its webmaster at the following address: COLLOQUIUM Paris SA, Registration Department, 2-8 rue Gaston Rebuffat - 75019 Paris, or by sending him an e-mail to the address mentioned on the Site.

Colloquium is likely to send to the Client, by any means, (electronic or paper) information allowing him to better know and use their respective sites, to give him he benefit of the promotional offers webcasted on these sites and propose him offers from their Partners and this, while strictly respecting the provisions of the amended “informatique et libertés” Law, subject to the Client’s previous consent or opposition.

In addition, Colloquium is likely to transmit the information relating to the Client reservation to its insurance company. This transmission allows Colloquium to fight bankcard fraud.

The appearance of an outstanding payment due to a fraudulent use of a bankcard will result in the registration of the references relating to the reservation of the Client who is at the origin of this outstanding payment, in a “payment incidents” file implemented by the insurance company and placed under its responsibility.

14.  Photos & Videos

The Participant authorizes Colloquium and his principal and order giver to use its image within the framework of photos or videos produced within the Event framework. These images will not be used in a commercial purpose but as information about the Event and in order to promote the said Event or other activities of Colloquium principal.

15. Information and Complaints

Any request for information, specifications and possible complaints concerning COLLOQUIUM Services must be directed to the following address, within the 30 days following the end of the Event: COLLOQUIUM Paris SA, Registration Department, 2-8 rue Gaston Rebuffat - 75019 Paris – Mail: the mail mentioned on the Site – Tel: 01 44 64 15 15.

No complaint shall be processed after this time limit.


16. Contractual Breaches

Each party could automatically terminate the agreement should the other party fail to respect the obligations stipulated in the hereby or, should the defaulting party not remedy the observed breach within a 8-day period following the receipt of the formal notification sent by the other party.


17. General Terms Amendments 

COLLOQUIUM reserves the right, at any moment, to change, modify, add or withdraw some parts to the hereby-general terms, being specified that such amendments are not applicable to the Services reservations previously made.

It is thus imperative that the Client knows and accepts the Particular Terms and the General Terms when reserving, in particular to check the provisions in effect.


18. Applicable Law

The choice of domicile is made by Colloquium, at its registered office and for the Client, at its domicile (or at its registered office, if it is a legal entity).

The hereby contractual relation is governed by the French Law; in case of a dispute, the Courts of Paris only will be competent.


19. Interpretation

The possible difficulties of interpretation of the hereby Agreement in another language are solved by reference to the Agreement meaning in its French version.