Changes in succession planning
 Wednesday, 29 March 2017  
Changes in succession planning

The law of succession in Scotland is one of the most fundamental bodies of law, potentially affecting the lives of every citizen. The new Succession (Scotland) Act 2016 came into force on 4 March 2016 with many provisions introduced and some yet to come into effect.

This half day seminar will provide an update on the current legislative changes and implications for practitioners as well as an understanding of impending changes to the estate planning landscape.

An update will also be provided in relation to cross border rules as they stand with the recent introduction of Brussels IV with a nod to the current uncertain Brexit landscape. This session will ensure that practitioners with clients who live in, own property in, or are moving to or from a Brussels IV state are updated on key changes in the field.

Full programme details can be found here

Learning Outcomes
  • A wider understanding of the changes in force and the implications on professional practice
  • Exploring the consideration for drafting practice
  • Insight into the current developments for planning guidance
  • Consideration of the future proposals expected and how to prepare
  • An understanding of the key changes in relation to cross border rules with Brussels IV and the uncertain Brexit landscape