Take Control of Your Design Future.

It's not too late to build your interactive design skills and boost your career.

Julie Beeler
Julie Beeler
Julie Beeler

Matthew Richmond

Founder and Executive Creative Director and Developer,

Chopping Block, Inc.

Julie Beeler

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Second Story

David Sherwin

Conference Advisory Council Member; Principal Designer


Julie Beeler
Julie Beeler

Patrick McNeil

Conference Advisory Council Member; Creator

Design Meltdown LLC

Cameron Moll

Conference Advisory Council Member; Founder
Authentic Jobs Inc.

Mark O'Brien

Conference Advisory Council Member;


You Can Do This. But You Can't Afford to Wait.

The accelerating demand for interactive design skills is not a threat.  It is an opportunity. Seize it.

Bad news first: If you’re a print designer whose portfolio contains mostly print work, you could be in real danger of losing clients—or even your job—if you don’t add interactive design to your skill set.

The good news: You’ve already got the core skills you need—and this conference will help you take the next step to interactive design. 

All the experts in our speaker lineup—and even the staff of HOW—have had to navigate the change from print to print + interactive design. We’ve been where you are now, which is why we’ve developed this conference to help break down the barriers that are preventing you from adding “interactive designer” to your resume.

At HOW Interactive Design Conference, you’ll learn to transfer your skills for web, digital, mobile and other interactive work. You’ll find out which trends are worth watching, get expert guidance with new programs and technologies, and walk away confident in your ability to create winning interactive design.