Utilizing the Title V Information System Data and the Federally Available Data Resource Document

DataSpeak Webinar Series

Utilizing the Title V Information
System Data and the Federally Available
Data Resource Document

Please join us on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) is pleased to announce an upcoming DataSpeak program on the Title V Information System (TVIS). The Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Program is the nation’s oldest federal-state partnership and reaches over 50 million pregnant women, infants, and children with funds distributed to 59 states and jurisdictions. The TVIS Web Reports provides national and state level data on financial expenditures, individuals served, and new performance and outcome measures that will be used to track program progress and impact over time. This webinar will present an orientation to the new website, which includes interactive charts and maps, downloadable graphs and tables, searchable state applications and action plans, and summary state reports. In addition, this webinar will feature the Federally Available Data (FAD) Resource Document, a one-stop source to access and learn more about the new Title V performance and outcome measures.Information contained in this document include detailed definitions, data notes, SAS code, and national and state data in a master Excel file that facilitates comparisons over time, both within and across states, by demographic stratifiers. This webinar will enable viewers to better understand the transformational changes that were made to the State MCH Block Grant program and how these updates to the TVIS have helped to advance its implementation by the State Title V programs. In addition, examples will be provided for how to best use the TVIS and FAD resources at the national and state levels.

Presentations will be made by:

  • Michele Lawler, MS, RD, Director of the MCHB’s Division of State and Community Health (DSCH) and Nora Carswell, IT Project Manager in DSCH, who will present on the TVIS Web Reports, a web-based interface that allows public users to view data and generate reports from the Title V data that are submitted by the 59 State and jurisdictional MCH Block Grant Programs.

  • Ashley Hirai, PhD, Senior Scientist in the Office of Epidemiology and Research at MCHB, who will highlight how to access and use the Federally Available Data (FAD) Resource Document with a document tutorial and several examples of possible uses and data analyses.

  • Michael Kenny, MS,Public Health Analyst with the Division of Health Surveillance in the Vermont Department of Health, who will demonstrate how the Vermont Department of Health uses the Title V FAD to inform internal program decisions and communicate with interested members of the public.


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