Association Meetings Programme 2017

Fukuoka’s Mayor Soichiro is one step ahead of the game...

Rebecca Wilson // ICCA

I must admit that before we at ICCA began planning for the 2nd edition of the Association Meetings Programme, I had never consciously come across the city of Fukuoka – I had never heard of it! But, as the months have passed and hours upon hours have been dedicated to ensuring that the 2017 edition of the AMP will succeed in giving delegates the best possible experience of the city and programme alike, I have learned a multitude of incredible things about the city located on the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu island. (Don’t forget to check out #FunFukuokaFacts on @ICCAWorld)

The most prominent thing for me is the buzz surrounding any mention of the city when it comes to ‘Innovation’ – the city has become one of the leading destinations on the planet known to provide the perfect environment for start-ups to flourish. In May 2014, the city was designated as a Global Startup & Job Creation Special Economic Zone and Mayor Soichiro was designated as the leader on this special quest.

At just 36 years old at his inauguration, Mayor Soichiro is poised to succeed with a young mind, able to see the best possible route to take his city from strength to strength with his successful attempts to establish a new set of values that propel Fukuoka way above the rest!

The 35th Mayor of Fukuoka, Mr. Soichiro Takashima has brought vitality back to Fukuoka and is focusing on the future. Placing huge importance on building dialogues with the rest of Asia and strives to work towards developing Fukuoka further still as one of the leading cities of the world.

ICCA AMP delegates are in for a pleasant surprise when Mayor Soichiro will share his story as Mayor of Fukuoka. He will hope to inspire AMP delegates by sharing his vision to reimagine, rebrand and redevelop Fukuoka in the quest to become a leading capital of innovation, technology and medical research. Return to your office with fresh ideas on how to reimagine your organization and stay one step ahead of the game in the ever-competitive business landscape!

Mayor Soichiro will speak in the session, “Reimagine, Rebrand, Redevelop” on Friday 30 June 2017.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to infuse your own business practices directly from the Mayor of Fukuoka! You can register here.

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