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Fukuoka lies on the northern coast of Kyushu which is the southernmost island of Japan. The city faces the Sea of Genaki and at its back is surrounded by mountains. Fukuoka City is the metropolitan area in Japan which is closes to other major Asian cities. Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei are only one or two hours away. 

Fukuoka has a warm climate with hot humid summers and mild winters. During the month of June the average temperature is 23°C.
Average High: 26.9°C
Average Low: 19.9°C
Average Rainfall: 254.8 mm

GMT +9

Fukuoka’s population, as of June 2014, was 1,509,893 and steadily growing. Among the population are relatively large numbers of young people; 19.2% of the population are aged 15-29. Monocle Magazine (2016) ranked Fukuoka the 7th “Most livable city in the world.”

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