Association Meetings Programme 2017

Fukuoka, Japan

Welcome to Fukuoka
Innovative, academic, smart, advanced, are some adjectives that describe Fukuoka. With eyes focused toward the future, the city takes leadership in both industry and academia as a model city not only in Japan but in Asia and globally. An ideal business start-up city Fukuoka is heading for the next generation with her historical legacy and heritage of Hakata intact.

Charming city and gateway to other cultures
Fukuoka city lies on the northern coast of Kyushu which is the southernmost island of Japan. It has been portrayed as "a model of urban renewal", "a tourism dynamo" and has been chosen as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Since ancient times Fukuoka has been a gateway for economic and cultural exchanges with its Asian neighbors. The city is constantly working on becoming a focal point for the business exchange of Asia on the basis of its historical and geographic assets.

Hub of a powerful economy
The city has a long history of exchange with the Asian mainland symbolised by the gold seal which is also a natural treasure. Fukuoka is the economic, administrative and cultural center of the Kyushu island. Fukuoka, an ideal business start-up city, is home to 50 higher educational institutions and 3 major reasearch parks which draw numerous conventions. The city hosted 363 international conventions in 2015 alone.

Well connected to major cities and great public transport
Fukuoka City is the metropolitan area in Japan which is closest to other major Asian cities. Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei are only one or two hours away. From Europe, Americas and Oceania the acess is swift and easy via major Asian hub airports. Moreover, Fukuoka offers a very efficient public transport system. It only takes 10 minutes to get from the national airport to the city centre and major visiting sites can be reached within 20 minutes.

Hospitable destination, perfect for buisiness, culture, and festival lovers as well
Statistics have shown that Fukuoka is steadily growing in conventions and tourism.  The yearly growth of internationsl conventions placed Fukuoka as ther 2nd MICE city of Japan for seven years in a row. Fukuoka organises many festivals and events every year. The organising of large scale festivals such as the Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival which has a tradition of 760 years, enables many organisers to become valuable contributos in organising congressses and conventions.

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