Mining & Exploration Companies

In 2017, Mining Indaba is introducing a new fee structure for bona fide mining companies, with prices reduced 30% to 50% based on company type and size. The chart below will help you determine the cost for your company. Then, register here.

What is a Mining/Exploration company?
A Mining Corporate is defined as a company whose primary business is exploring, seeking to develop, or actively mining natural resource deposits or fields excluding oil and gas.  This does not include mining contract services, mining equipment companies, or other companies that service bona fide mining and exploration companies.  Simply being in the possession of a mining right does not automatically qualify for these rates.  Companies seeking to take advantage must be able to show that their participation in the event is for the purpose of advancing their business of mining rather than other initiatives they may be engaged in.  The Mining Indaba reserves the right to refuse anyone access to this rate at their sole discretion. To see the pre-approved list of companies, click here. Don’t see your company on the list? Contact us.

If you have any questions, or do not see your company on this list contact customer service at:
T: +44 (0) 207 779 8890 | E:

Private African Nickel
Mining Company Name Market Capitalisation
Acacia Coal Nano Cap
Acacia Mining Small Cap
A-Cap Resources Nano Cap
Aeris Resources Micro Cap
Afarak Group Micro Cap
Africa Vanguard Resources Private
Africa Wide Mineral Prospecting and Exploration Private
African Consolidated Resources Small Cap
African Energy Resources Nano Cap
African Exploration Mining and Finance Corporation State-Owned
African Gold Group Nano Cap
Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corporation Nano Cap
African Jade Mining
African Nickel
African Rainbow Minerals Small Cap
African Tantalum Private
Africo Resources Micro Cap
AfriGold Resources Private
Afrimat Micro Cap
Afriminas Minerais Limitada Private
Al Rawda Resources Limited Private
Albidon Nano Cap
Alchemy Resources Nano Cap
Alcoa Large Cap
Alecto Minerals Nano Cap
Alexkor Private
Algold Resources Nano Cap
Allana Potash Corp Private
Alliance Mining Commodities Private
Allied African International Mining 
Alloycorp Mining Nano Cap
Alphamin Resources Micro Cap
Alufer Mining Private
Alvefern Mining Private
Amania Mining Private
Amara Mining Nano Cap
Ambatovy Private
AMG Mining Private
Ampella Mining Private
Anglo African Gypsum Ltd Private
Anglo American Large Cap
Anglogold Ashanti Mid Cap
Anova Metals Nano Cap
Antofagasta Minerals Mid Cap
Anvil Mining Private
APM - ASCOM Precious Metals Mining SAE Private
Apollo Minerals Nano Cap
Aquarius Platinum Micro Cap
Aquila Resources Nano Cap
Arcadia Minerals Nano Cap
Arcelormittal Large Cap
Areva Mines Small Cap
Argonaut Resources Nano Cap
Ariab Private
Ariana Resources Nano Cap
Armada Exploration Private
ASA Gold and Precious Metals Micro Cap
Asanko Gold Small Cap
Ascom Precious Metals Private
Asia Minerals Private
Assmang Private
Assore Limited Small Cap
Aswan Mining Limited 
Nano Cap
Nano Cap
Atha Group Private
Atlatsa Resources Nano Cap
Attaclay Private
Atusheni Minerals Private
Au Mining Private
Auriant Africa Private
Aurigin Resources Private
Auroch Minerals Nano Cap
Aurora Minerals Nano Cap
Avanti Mining Private
Avesoro Micro Cap
Avnel Gold Mining Micro Cap
Avocet Mining Nano Cap
Axmin Inc Nano Cap
Azimut Exploration Nano Cap
Azumah Resources Nano Cap
B2gold Small Cap
Baiyin Nonferrous Metal Group Co Private
Bakgaga Mining Pty Private
Bakgatla Private
Bamangwato Concessions State Owned
Bannerman Resources Nano Cap
Banro Corporation Micro Cap
Baobab Resources Small Cap
Bapo Ba Mogale Mining Private
Base Resources Nano Cap
Bass Metals Limited Nano Cap
Bassari Resources Nano Cap
Bauba Platinum Nano Cap
BCL State Owned
Beacon Hill Resources Nano Cap
Bellzone Mining Nano Cap
Berkeley Resources
Micro Cap
Berkeley Energia
Micro Cap
BHK Mining Nano Cap
Bilboes Gold Private
Bindura Nickel Corp Nano Cap
Birimian Gold Nano Cap
Bisha Mining Small Cap
Bisichi Mining Nano Cap
Black Mountain Mining Small Cap
Black Mountain Resources Nano Cap
Blackcomb Minerals Private
Blina Minerals Nano Cap
Bokamaso Resources Private
Bondoukou Manganese Private
Bontebok Lime Works Private
Bosai Minerals Group Private
BOS Mining Industries/Prohtrip Resources Ltd Private
Botswana Ash State Owned
Brazilian Gold Corporation Micro Cap
Britannia Mining Nano Cap
BSG Resources Private
Buffalo Coal Corp Nano Cap
Bushbuck Resources Private
Bushveld Minerals Nano Cap
Busolwa Mining Private
Butiama Resources & Exploration Private
Caban Investments Ltd Nano Cap
Caledonia Mining Nano Cap
Cam Iron Private
Camal & Companhia Lda Private
Cameco Corporation Small Cap
Cancor Mines Nano Cap
Canyon Resources Nano Cap
Cape Lambert Resources Nano Cap
Capricorn Metals Nano Cap
Caracal Gold Mali Private
Cardinal Resources Nano Cap
Carmeuse Private
Cassidy Gold Corp Nano Cap
Castle Minerals Micro Cap
Castle Peak Mining Nano Cap
CEC Private
Celamin Holdings Nano Cap
Centamin Small Cap
Central Rand Gold Nano Cap
Century Global Commodities Corporation Nano Cap
Chalice Gold Mines Nano Cap
Chamotte Holdings Private
Chemaden Resources Private Private
Chemaf Private
Chemplex Corp Private
Chengtun Mining Group Co Ltd Large Cap
Chibuluma Mines Plc Private
China Africa Resources Nano Cap
China African Precious Metals Small Cap
China General Nuclear Power Group State Owned
China Hailiang Group Private
China Henan International Cooperation Group State Owned
China Hongqiao Group State Owned
China Minmetals Corp State Owned
China National Coal Group State Owned
China National Nuclear Corp State Owned
China Nonferrous Metal Mining State Owned
China Power Investment Corp State Owned
China Railway Group Large Cap
China Tycoon Group Private
Chinalco Yunnan Copper Resources Limited Nano Cap
Chirundu Joint Ventures Private
CITIC Dameng Mining Industry Micro Cap
CJP Capital Corp Private
Cline Mining Corp Private
CMSK - Compagnie Minière du Sud Katanga Private
Coal India Large Cap
Coal of Africa Mid Cap
Cochimag Minerals Private
Cokal Nano Cap
COMINAK - Compagnie Minière d’Akouta State Owned
Cominco Resources Private
Condor Blanco Mines Nano Cap
Congo Iron Private
Congo Premier Private
Consolidated Nickel Mines Private
Continental Coal Nano Cap
Copperzone Resources Private
Core Mining Private
Corridor Mining State Owned
Cradle Resources Nano Cap
Craton Del Congo Exploraciones Private
Craton Mining & Exploration Private
Cronimet Private
Cupric Canyon Private
Danakali Nano Cap
Dauremas Mineral Development Private
De Beers
Debswana Diamond Company
Debswana Morupule Coal Mine Private
Deep Yellow Nano Cap
Deep-South Mining Private
Denison Mines Corp Micro Cap
Dharni Sampda Private
DiamondCorp Nano Cap
Dirleton Minerals & Energy Private
Diro Resources Private
Doray Minerals Micro Cap
Dragon Mining Nano Cap
DRDGold Micro Cap
Dundee Precious Metals Micro Cap
East Africa Metals Nano Cap
East Africa Resources Nano Cap
East African Copper Nano Cap
Eastern Platinum Micro Cap
Edenville Energy Nano Cap
Ekapa Minerals Private
El Niño Ventures Nano Cap
El Oro Nano Cap
Eldorado Gold Corporation Small Cap
Elf Mine Private
Elipse International Exploration Solutions Ltd Private
Emalangeni Mining Private
Emerald Resources Nano Cap
Emirates Global Aluminium Private
ENAMCO State Owned
Endeavour Mining Small Cap
Endiama State Owned
Endulwini Mining Corporation Private
Energizer Resources Nano Cap
Energold Group Nano Cap
Enterprise d'Exploitation des Mines d'Or Spa (ENOR) State Owned
Epangelo Mining State Owned
Epsilon Gold Mines Micro Cap
Equator Gold Private
Equator Mines Private
Equatorial Resources Nano Cap
Eramet State Owned
Erin Resources Private
Eritrea National Mining State Owned
Essar Steel Private
Esteedan Limited Private
Ethiopian Mineral Development Share Co State Owned
Eurasian Natural Resources Corp Private
Eurasian Resources Group Private
European Lithium Nano Cap
European Metals Holdings Nano Cap
Evolution Mining Private
Evraz Vametco Alloys Private
Exxaro Resources Small Cap
Ezana Mining Development Private
Ferphos Group Private
Ferrangol-E.P Private
Ferrex Nano Cap
Ferrum Crescent Nano Cap
Firestone Energy Nano Cap
First Quantum Minerals Small Cap
Flemish Gold Corp Private
Focus Graphite Nano Cap
Foras Mining Company Private
Forrest Group Private
Forsys Metals Corp Nano Cap
Fortuna Silver Mines Small Cap
Large Cap
Frontier Rare Earths Micro Cap
G & W Mineral Resources and Industrial Minerals Private
Gabon Mining State Owned
Galane Gold Nano Cap
Galileo Resources Nano Cap
Garrot-Chaillac Private
Gas and Metals National Corp State Owned
Gateway Mining Nano Cap
Gazelle Resources Private
Gecamines State Owned
Gem Diamonds Micro Cap
Gemfields Small Cap
General Exploration Private
Genmin Private
Geopacific Resources Nano Cap
Georesources Exploration Ltd Private
Ghana Manganese Private
Gilmar Corp Private
Ginguro Exploration Private
Gippsland Private
Glencore Large Cap
Glister Success Limited Private
Global Atomic Fuels Corporation Private
Global Platinum Resources Private
Globe Metals & Mining Nano Cap
Goknet Mining Private
Golcha Associated State Owned
Gold Canyon Resources Nano Cap
Gold One International Private
Goldcorp Large Cap
Golden Phoenix Resources Nano Cap
Golden Rim Resources Nano Cap
Golden Star Resources Micro Cap
Golden West Resources Nano Cap
Gold Fields Mid Cap
Gold Road Resources Small Cap
Goldplat Nano Cap
Goldstone Resources Nano Cap
Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH Private
Gravelote Mines Private
Great Basin Gold Nano Cap
Great Consolidated Diamonds State Owned
Great Quest Metals Nano Cap
Great Western Minerals Group Nano Cap
Greenflash 251 Nano Cap
Grigm Resources Private
Groupe Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) State Owned
Gryphon Minerals Nano Cap
G-Stones Resources Private
Guinea Alumina Corp Private
Guinea Iron Ore Private
Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Mid Cap
Gulf Industrials Nano Cap
H Pistorius & Co Private
Handeni Gold Micro Cap
Hanno Resources Private
Harmony Gold Mining Small Cap
Hebei Iron & Steel Group Nano Cap
Hernic Ferrochrome Private
Helio Resource Corp Nano Cap
Hindalco Large Cap
Hindustan Zinc Small Cap
Hlubi Resources Private
Hodges Resources Nano Cap
Holle Potash Corp Private
Homa Lime Private
Homeland Energy Group Nano Cap
Hummingbird Resources Nano Cap
Hwange Colliery Mid Cap
Hydromine Private
Iamgold Small Cap
Ichorcoal Micro Cap
Idwala Carbonates Private
Ikwezi Mining Nano Cap
Iluka Resources Mid Cap
Imerys Nano Cap
Impact Minerals Nano Cap
Impala Platinum Holdings (Implats) Nano Cap
IMR Resources Private
IMX Resources Nano Cap
Incubex Minerals Private
Incwala Resources Private
Industries Chimiques du Senegal State Owned
Infrasors Holdings Nano Cap
INSA Coal Holdings Private
International Coal Ventures State Owned
International Ferro Metals Nano Cap
International Mining & Infrastructure Corporation Private
Intex Resources Asa Nano Cap
Intra Energy Corporation Nano Cap
Intrepid Mines Nano Cap
Inyosi Coal Private
IronRidge Resources Nano Cap
Ironveld Nano Cap
Irving Resources Small Cap
Israel Chemicals Mid Cap
ITC Platinum Development Private
Itochu Large Cap
Ivanhoe Mines Small Cap
Jaguar Overseas Ltd Private
Japan Oil Mid Cap
JGC Corp Large Cap
Jinchuan Group International Resources Micro Cap
Jindal Africa Large Cap
JSC Atomredmetzoloto Private
JSW Steel Large Cap
JX Nippon Mining & Metals Private
Kaboko Mining Nano Cap
Kagem Mining Private
Kalagadi Manganese Private
Kalahari GeoEnergy Private
Kalongwe Mining Private
Kam Industries Private
Kaminex Private
Kamoto Copper Micro Cap
Kangra Coal Private
Kansala Resources Private
Kaouat Iron Private
Kapalagulu Project Private
Kasbah Resources Nano Cap
Katanga Mining Micro Cap
KCM Mining Nano Cap
KCS Resources Private
Keaton Energy Nano Cap
Keegan Resources Private
Kefi Minerals Nano Cap
Kenmare Resources Nano Cap
Kentz Nano Cap
Kenya Fluorspar Private
Kenz Mining Nano Cap
Khoemacau Copper Mining Private
Kian Smith Trade & Co Private
Kibaran Resources Nano Cap
Kibo Mining Nano Cap
Kilimapesa Gold Private
Kilogold Nano Cap
Kinross Gold Corporation Small Cap
Kogi Iron Nano Cap
Kola Gold Private
Kombat Copper Private
Konkola Copper Mines Small Cap
Koornfontein Mines Private
Korea Resources Nano Cap
Kore Potash Micro Cap
Kudumane Manganese Resources Private
Kunene Resources Private
Kuyasa Mining Private
La Mancha Private
Labohlano Trading 46 Proprietary Private
Lake Victoria Gold Nano Cap
Langer Heinrich Uranium Private
Lanxess Private
Leeuw Mining Private
Lehating Mining Private
Lemur Resources Private
Les Etablissements Congolais MGM Private
Letseng Diamonds Private
Lewcor Mining Private
LG International Large Cap
Liberty Metals & Mining Private
Lion Resources Maya Gold & Silver Nano Cap
Lion's Head Platinum Private
Liontown Resources Nano Cap
Lisco - Libyan Iron & Steel Co State Owned
Lithemba Wonderfontein Coal Private
Lonmin Small Cap
LontohCoal Private
Lucapa Micro Cap
Lucara Diamond Corp Small Cap
Luiri Gold Nano Cap
Luminas - Sociedade Mineira Ld Small Cap
Lumwana Mining Private
Luna Mining Nano Cap
Lundin Group Of Companies Large Cap
Lundin Mining Corporation Small Cap
Lunga Group Of Companies Small Cap
Lurco Group Private
M/S Neyveli Lignite Corporation Large Cap
Ma'aden Gold & Base Metals Large Cap
Maamba Collieries (MCL) Private
Mag Energy International Private
Magindustries Nano Cap
Magnis Resources Micro Cap
Magnum Mining and Exploration Nano Cap
Makana Exploration & Mining Private
Makole Group Private
Makwini Resources Private
Malagasy Minerals Nano Cap
Maloma Colliery Private
Manngwe Mining Private
Mantra Private
Marampa Private
Marenica Energy Nano Cap
Masawu Mining Private
Matilda Minerals Private
Mawarid Mining Private
Mawson West Nano Cap
Maya Gold & Silver Nano Cap
Mbada Diamonds Private
Mbuyelo Coal Private
Meerkat Energy Private
Mega Uranium Nano Cap
Mena Resources Private
Merafe Resources
Micro Cap
Merah Resources Private
Mercator Minerals Micro Cap
Merrex Gold Nano Cap
Metal Ex Ventures Nano Cap
Metal Trade Overseas Ag / Norilsk Nickel Large Cap
Metallica Minerals Nano Cap
Metallon Private
Metals Exploration Cote D’Ivoire Micro Cap
MetalsX Private
Metorex Small Cap
MGC Mining Private
MGC RST Mining Private
Micawber Private
Middle Island Resources Nano Cap
Midroc Gold Mine Private
Midwest Coal Resource Nano Cap
Millenium Minerals Micro Cap
Mimosa Resources Private
Minas De Revuboe Private
Minas Moatize Micro Cap
Minas Rio Bravo Private
Minbos Resources Nano Cap
Minemakers Nano Cap
Minera Private
Mineral Sands Resources Private
Minerali Industriali Private
Minerals & Marketing Corp of Zimbabwe State Owned
Minerals & Metals Group Small Cap
Mining Cadastre State Owned
Minjingu Mines & Fertiliser
State Owned
Minmetals First Chrome Mining Co. (Pty)
State Owned
Miranda Mineral Holdings Nano Cap
Mississauga Mining & Exploration Private
Mits Corp Mining & Trading
Mitsubishi Corp
Large Cap
Mitsui Large Cap
Mkango Resources Nano Cap
Mmakau Mining Private
MMG Small Cap
Moku Goldmines Private
Mongbwalu Gold Mines Private
Montero Mining and Exploration Nano Cap
Monument Mining Nano Cap
Mopani Copper Mines Private
Morupule South Resources Nano Cap
Mosra Enerji Nano Cap
Mount Burgess Mining Nano Cap
Moxico Resources Private
Mozambi Resources Nano Cap
Mozambique Coal Private
Mozmin Resources Private
MPSMCL Private
Mshengu Mining Private
Msobo Coal Private
Mui Basin Mining Private
MUNACA Resources Private
Mupane Gold Mining Private
Murowa Diamonds Private
Mustang Resources Ltd Nano Cap
Mutanda Mining Private
Mvelo Platinum Group Private
Mwana Africa Private
Naine Minerals Private
Namakwa Diamonds Small Cap
Namibia Rare Earths Nano Cap
Namibian Copper Nano Cap
National Mineral Development Corporation Large Cap
Ncondezi Coal Nano Cap
Ndola Lime Company (NLC) State Owned
Neosho Trading 86 Private
Nevsun Resources Small Cap
New Dawn Mining Private
New Hana Copper Mining Small Cap
Newcrest Mining Mid Cap
NewMines Holdings Private
Newmont Large Cap
Neyveli Lignite Corporation State Owned
Ngazana Consortium Large Cap
Nimba Mining Nano Cap
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp Large Cap
Nittetsu Mining Micro Cap
Nkem Mining and Oil Refinery Ltd Private
Nkwe Platinum Nano Cap
Noble Resources Private
Nordgold Small Cap
Norilsk Large Cap
North River Resources Nano Cap
Northam Platinum Small Cap
Northern Star Small Cap
Nyota Minerals Nano Cap
OKIMO State Owned
Oklo Resources Nano Cap
Oliken Ferro-Alloys Private
Olinda Resources & Exploration Private
Olive Mining Sarl Private
Olympic Resources Nano Cap
Omama Bayazama Coal Mine Private
Optimin Nano Cap
Optimum Collieries Private
Orbis Gold Private
Orca Gold Nano Cap
Orecorp Nano Cap
Orion Gold Nano Cap
Oshipaya Mineral Resource Private
Oshkosh Minerals PTY (LTD) Private
Otjozondu Mining Private
Oz Minerals Small Cap
Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp Nano Cap
Palabora Copper Small Cap
Paladin Micro Cap
Palladium Mining Limited Private
Pan African Minerals Small Cap
Pan African Resources Small Cap
Pan Pacific Copper Private
PanEx Resources Nano Cap
PanEx Resources (Pty) South Africa
Pangea Exploration Private
Papillon Resources Micro Cap
Pathfinder Minerals Nano Cap
Peak Resources Nano Cap
Pembani Group Private
Peninsula Energy Micro Cap
Perseus Mining Micro Cap
Petmin Private
Petra Diamonds Small Cap
Petril Projects Private
Petrolex Private
Phelps Dodge Congo Large Cap
Pilanesberg Platinum Mines Micro Cap
Pilgrim's Sickle Private
Plains Creek Phosphate Corp Nano Cap
Platinum Australia Private
Platinum Group Metals Small Cap
Platmin Micro Cap
PMG Mining Private
PMI Gold Corporation Micro Cap
Ponahalo Private
Portnex International Private
POSCO Large Cap
Predictive Discovery Nano Cap
Premier African Minerals Nano Cap
Primary Gold Nano Cap
Principle Monarchy Investments Private
Promethean Resources Private
Prometheus Group Private
Proper Technologies Private
Prospect Resources Nano Cap
QKR Corp Private
Rachana Global Excavation Private
Rak Minerals & Metals Investments Private
Rakana Consolidated Mines Private
Rand York Minerals Private
Randgold Resources Mid Cap
Rareco Private
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam State Owned
Reddy Resources Private
Redrock Mining Nano Cap
Regal Resources Nano Cap
Republic Gold Private
Regius Resources Group Private
Reservoir Minerals Micro Cap
Resolute Mining Small Cap
Resource Generation Nano Cap
Resource Star Private
RHA Tungsten Private
Richards Bay Coal Terminal Large Cap
Richland Resources Private
Rio Tinto Large Cap
RioZim State Owned
Rockover Resources Private
Rocksure International Private
Rockwell Diamonds Nano Cap
Rolatseng Mining Private
Roxgold Micro Cap
Royal Bafokeng Holdings Small Cap
Royal Gold Small Cap
RPZC - Rosh Pinah Zinc Corp Private
RTG Mining Micro Cap
Rubamin Private
Rumble Resources Nano Cap
Rusal Large Cap
Rustenburg Platinum Mines Private
Rutendo Mining Private
S&B Minerals Private
Sable Mining Nano Cap
Safika Resources Private
Saipem-Mocambique Private
Sama Resources Nano Cap
Samancor Chrome Private
Samine - Sté Anonyme d'entreprises Minières Private
Sarama Resources Nano Cap
Sasol Mining Large Cap
Saua-Saua Mineral Resources Private
Saudi Arabian Mining State Owned
Saudi Basic Industries Corp Large Cap
Saurus Resources Private
Savannah Resources Nano Cap
Seaforth Mineral & Ore Co Private
Sebilo Resources Private
Sedibelo Platinum Mines Private
Sedibeng Iron Ore Private
Sekoko Resources Private
Semafo Small Cap
Sentula Mining Nano Cap
Sepfluor Private
Sephaku Fluoride Private
Sepiol Micro Cap
Sesa Sterlite Mid Cap
Severstal Mid Cap
Shalina Resources Private
Shandong Iron & Steel Group Mid Cap
Shanduka Resources Private
Shanta Gold Nano Cap
Shaw River Manganese Nano Cap
Shearzone Resources Nano Cap
Sherritt International Small Cap
Shiva Uranium Private
Shumba Coal Private
Sibanye Gold Small Cap
Sichuan Hongda Group Small Cap
Sicomines Private
Sierra Leone Exploration and Mining Private
Sierra Rutile Micro Cap
Signature Metals Nano Cap
Signet Coking Coal International Private
Silver Unicorn Trading 33 Private
Simfer Private
Singareni Collieries Company State Owned
Sinohydro State Owned
Sinosteel Corp State Owned
Sinotech Minerals Exploration Private
Sishen Private
Siyanda Resources Private
Skeat Mining / Blyvoor Gold Private
SLEMCO Resources Private
SMB, Société Minière de Boké Private
SMD NordGold Small Cap
SMFG Private
Société des Mines d’Or de Kilo-Moto (SOKIMO) State Owned
Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière de Mauritanie (SNIM) State Owned
Societe Nouvelle des Phosphates of Togo State Owned
SODEMI State Owned
Sojitz Corporation Large Cap
Solantera Resources Private
Sol Minreracao Mozambique Private
SOMAÏR - Société des Mines de l’Aïr State Owned
Somika Sprl Private
Somiluana Sociadade Mineira Private
Sonatrach Group State Owned
Songhoi Resources Private
South African Coal Mining Holdings Nano Cap
Southern Lithium Nano Cap
Sovereign Metals Pty Ltd Nano Cap
South32 Mid Cap
Sphere Minerals Micro Cap
Spitzkop Platinum Private
Starfield Metals Nano Cap
Steenkampskraal Monazite Mine Private
Stellar Diamonds Private
Stibium Mining Private
Stilfontein Gold Mine Private
Stockport Exploration Nano Cap
Strandline Resources Nano Cap
Strata Africa Resources Private
Strategic Natural Resources Nano Cap
Stratex International Nano Cap
Stratmin Global Resources Nano Cap
Sumitomo Metal Mining Small Cap
Sumo Coal Private
Sunrise Mining Private
Sunbird Energy Nano Cap
Sundance Resources Nano Cap
Sunridge Gold Corp Micro Cap
Swakop Uranium Private
Syferfontein Carbonates Private
Symbol Base Metals Private
Synergy Africa Private
Syrah Resources Small Cap
Talon Metals Corp Nano Cap
Tancoal Energy Private
Tanga Resources Nano Cap
Tango Mining Nano Cap
Tantalex Resources Micro Cap
Tantalus Rare Earths Nano Cap
Tanzoz Resources Private
Taruga Gold Small Cap
Tata Steel Large Cap
Tate Minerals Private
Taurian Manganese & Ferro Alloy Private
Taurus Gold Private
Tawana Resources Nano Cap
Teck Resources Large Cap
Tembo Gold Corp Nano Cap
Tender Minerals Private
Tenke Fungurume Mining Small Cap
Teranga Gold Micro Cap
Terrain Minerals Nano Cap
Terramin Australia Micro Cap
Tewoo Group State Owned
Tharisa Small Cap
Tietto Minerals Private
Tiger Resources Micro Cap
Tigers Realm Group Nano Cap
Tigui Mining Group Private
TINCO Investments Private
Tirek Resources Private
Tlou Energy Nano Cap
Todal mining State Owned
Toho Zinc Large Cap
Toka Mining Holding Private
Torian Resources Nano Cap
Toro Energy Nano Cap
Toro Gold Micro Cap
Trailstone Private
Trans Hex Group Limited Nano Cap
Trek Metals Limited Small Cap
Treliver Minerals Private
Triton Minerals Nano Cap
Tronox Mineral Sands Micro Cap
True Gold Mining Micro Cap
Tshipi E Ntle Manganese Mining Private
Tsodilo Resources Nano Cap
Tumelo Coal Private
Tunisian Mining Services Private
UC Rusal Large Cap
UCL Resources Nano Cap
Umthombo Resources Private
Umzobanzi Coal & Energy Private
Union Resources Nano Cap
United Manganese of Kalahari Private
Unity Mining and Goldstone Resources Nano Cap
Universal Coal Micro Cap
Uranium One Private
Vaalbult Mining Private
Vale Large Cap
Vaneta Industry Private
Vantage Goldfields Nano Cap
Varun Industries Nano Cap
Vedanta Small Cap
Vector Resources Nano Cap
Vergenoeg Mining Private
Vibrant Veterans Mineral Resources Private
VI Holdings Private
Village Main Reef Gold Mining Nano Cap
Vimetco Extrusion Private
Vimetco Private
Vital Metals Nano Cap
Volcanic Metals Corp Nano Cap
Volt Resources Nano Cap
Votorantim Metals Private
Wafa Mining & Petroleum Private
Walkabout Resources Nano Cap
Waterberg Coal Company Nano Cap
Waterbuck Resources Nano Cap
WCP Resources Nano Cap
Weatherly International Nano Cap
Wega Mining Nano Cap
Wescoal Holdings Nano Cap
Wesizwe Platinum Nano Cap
West African Bauxite Nano Cap
West African Minerals Corporation Nano Cap
West African Resources Nano Cap
Western Platinum Private
Western Potash Corp Micro Cap
Western Refractories Private
White Energy Nano Cap
White Rivers Exploration Private
Winning International Group Private
Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Private
World Titanium Resources Nano Cap
Wuhan Iron & Steel Corp (WISCO) Private
Xakwa Holdings Private
Xanthos Mining Private
Xceed Resources Private
Xtract Resources Nano Cap
Yellow Beak Minerals Private
Yellow Rock Resources - Australian Vanadium Resources Private
Zamadini Resources Private
Zamanco Minerals Nano Cap
Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) State Owned
Zamin Precious Metals Private
Zanaga Iron Ore Nano Cap
ZCI Private
Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Large Cap
Zijin Mining Group Large Cap
Zimbabwe German Graphite Mines Private
Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) State Owned
Zimbabwe Platinum Mines Micro Cap
Zimbase Metals Private
Zimplats - Zimplats Holdings Micro Cap
Zinc International Nano Cap
Zoradox Private
Zozungu Resources Private