Step 1: Planning Your Arrival

When you arrive at the CTICC, proceed to the Speaker Registration desk located in the Jasminum Conservatory. Here you will collect your event badge – which must be worn at all times. Registration opening hours are below:

Registration Opening Hours

Date Opening Hours
Saturday, 4 February 12h00—18h00
Sunday, 5 February 08h00—18h00
Monday, 6 February 08h00—19h00
Tuesday, 7 February 08h00—18h00
Wednesday, 8 February 08h30—18h00
Thursday, 9 February 08h30—12h00

We recommend you check in at registration the day before your session, or at least 6 hours in advance where possible, to ensure there are no delays.

Step 2: Presentation Drop Off

  • Please provide a USB flash drive with your presentation file and any embedded video files on-site to our AV team located in the Speaker Drop Off room. This room is clearly labelled and adjacent to the registration desk. All presentations will be loaded onto a central system, which will automatically push through to your session room.
  • The AV team will give you the opportunity to approve your presentation. Be sure to check fonts, images, video etc.
  • Please submit your presentation in the Speaker Drop Off room at your earliest convenience on-site. If you sent your presentation in advance via email, please drop in to the AV team to approve that it is displaying correctly on the equipment.
Important Notes:
  1. Presentations must be provided in advance. You WILL NOT be permitted to load files or use your own laptop in the session rooms.
  2. Presentations WILL NOT be printed or photocopied for distribution on-site.

Step 3: Your Session

Please arrive at your session room/location at least 20 minutes in advance of your start time, in order to meet the AV technician and prepare.
Where appropriate, each Corporate Mining Presentation and Mining Thought Leadership speaker will be introduced by an MC. We will provide the MC with a copy of the speaker’s professional biography in advance and this will shape the introduction along with the title.

Any Q&A periods must be within the allotted time of your session. Alternatively and were possible, we suggest that you invite delegates to visit your stand or meeting room after the session if they have any additional questions.

Familiarise yourself with the session locations listed in the table below. Up to date information will be provided on event signage, in the official conference programme and on the event app:

Session Track/Type Session Room Location(s)
AMMF African Mining Ministerial Forum Auditorium II
CSW Career Skills Workshop TBD
CCS Country Case Studies TBD
IDF Investment Discovery Forum Westin Grand Ballroom
KFSCMP Keynotes/Feature Sessions/Corporate Mining Presentations Main Stage
MTLP Mining Thought Leadership Presentations TBD
NRT Networking Roundtables Meeting Room 1.41 & 1.43
NAG Non-African Government Presentations Auditorium II
PCW Pre-Conference Workshops Meeting Room 1.41 & 1.43
SIS Special Information Sessions Roof Terrace Room; Auditorium II, TBD
SN Speed-Networking Exhibition Hall
SD Sustainable Development Auditorium II

Each room will be equipped with the following:

  • Screen LCD Projector (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Lectern with wired microphone
  • Microphone(s)*
  • PC Laptop (Personal laptops cannot be used in the session rooms)
  • Wireless slide advancer
  • Confidence monitors**
  • Table microphones (for panels)
  • AV technician
*Lavaliere (clip-on) microphones are available upon request. Please alert the AV technician in the session room if you would like to utilise a lavaliere.
**Not all session rooms will have confidence monitors.

Step 4: Session Timing

Mining Indaba runs on a tight schedule. Speakers must stay within their allocated time slots, as we need to ensure that each session starts and finishes on time to keep the programme moving. Any presentations that extend beyond the allotted time will be turned off by the AV technician (i.e. the microphone and screen projection will be shut-off).

Step 5: Additional Details for Main Stage Participants

Main Stage speakers should report to the desk located stage right at least 20 minutes in advance of your session start time. A Mining Indaba staff member will be there to greet you and assist your preparation.

During your session, a timer and set of cue lights will be visible from the stage. The timer will indicate the amount of time remaining for your session. A green light will appear when you begin your presentation; a yellow light will appear at the two-minutes remaining mark to prompt you to conclude your presentation; and a red light will appear when the allocated session time has elapsed.