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What is the company registration code and how do I use it?
Your company registration code allows you to use your complimentary sponsor registrations. The Sponsor Contact is emailed this code once we have received payment for your sponsorship invoice. Contact with any questions.

How many delegates can my organisation send?
As a sponsor you are allocated a number of complimentary registrations. This allocation is listed on your sponsor agreement and includes the allowance for exhibit staff, speakers and general attendees. You are more than welcome to purchase additional registrations. Please note that registrations cannot be shared, for further information see the Sponsor Delegate Registration page.

How do we redeem our complimentary registrations?
To use one of your complimentary registrations, enter your company registration code during the registration process. Your code will be good to use for the amount of complimentary registrations you have been allocated as part of your sponsor agreement. For detailed instructions, go to Sponsor Delegate Registration page..

Can I purchase day-passes or limited access passes?
We only offer full conference/event registrations. Anyone attending the event must be fully registered. Registrations are for individuals only, including speakers, those attending meetings and exhibit staff. Badges are non-transferable and cannot be shared.

I can no longer attend, what is the cancellation policy and can someone else take my place?
Yes, you may substitute a delegate registration. Please contact our customer service team at For cancellations, please see theRegistration Terms and Conditions.

Your Stand

How do I know what size my stand is?
Your contracted stand size is listed in your sponsor agreement. Should you need to check this or if you have any questions please contact the Team.

Is there a height limit for our stand?
Yes, unless otherwise stated on your sponsor agreement, the height limit for all stands is 2.5m (8.2ft). If you wish to have a stand taller than this, or if you are planning to rig a banner or bulk head above, please contact your Sales Representative to arrange a Vertical Visibility Upgrade.

What is included in our stand package?
Click here to visit the stand planning section of the resource centre.

How do I order extra services?
There are a number of specialty services available to you such as Audio Visual, Floral, Telecomms, Furniture etc. To place an order, fill out the order forms provided on the Stand Planning section of the Sponsor Resource Centre and submit by the required deadline. Exhibitors are responsible for all costs. Late submission of forms may result in delayed services and additional fees.

What should I bring with me to the venue?
Other than items you are hand carrying to place on your stand, ensure you have documentation and paperwork such as tracking numbers, order confirmations, any papers for outbound shipping and contact details/itineraries of your attending delegates.

When will we receive our stand assignment?
Exhibit stand assignments are published in October / November. They will be published on the event website and Sponsor Contacts will be notified via email. In order for your stand to be assigned, Sponsor invoices must be paid in full.

Are there marketing opportunities available to me?
Yes, from advertisements in the Daily News to banners and coffee breaks, there are a number of additional marketing opportunities available for you to purchase. Please see the Marketing Resources or contact your Sales Representative for more details.

Can we bring food and beverages to serve at our stand?
You can serve food and beverage at your stand however all catering services must be arranged and purchased through the CTICC. From popcorn and hors d’oeuvres, to espresso and soda, at the CTICC will be happy to provide a list of services available. Services not rendered by the CTICC will incur a corkage fee. Small pre-packaged samples are permitted as giveaways.

What is a Sponsor Appointed Contractor?
This is any contractor that is not an official contractor of the event. If a sponsor is choosing to use a third party contractor to design, install or dismantle their stand, this is known as a Sponsor Appointed Contractor.

Do I need to submit a Sponsor Appointed Contractor (SAC) Form?
If you are not using an Official Contractor (a contractor that is providing services on behalf of the show organiser) then you must submit an SAC form. For example, a third party contractor is providing your furniture, or a contractor is providing specialist lighting for your stand, these are all SACs. Sometimes, you will have one contractor who will provide multiple services, these can be listed on the SAC form. See the Custom Stand section of the Sponsor Resource Centre.

The Venue

Will WIFI be available at the venue?
Yes, there is WIFI throughout the venue. If you wish to use the internet as part of a presentation at your stand it may be beneficial to obtain your own connection. Please see the Stand Planning section for details of extra services.

Can I arrange a private meeting space?
Yes, we have a number of private meeting rooms available on site. Contact your Sales Representative. for further details. Inventory is limited and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.

We are hosting an event within our meeting room, do we need to let you know?
Yes, please inform your Sales Representative upon booking what the nature of your usage will be. Meeting Rooms are not to be used for hosting or conducting publicly promoted sessions, classes or workshops that are not part of the Official Programme. All after hours programmes must be pre-approved by the Show Organisers. Keep in mind that only registered delegates have access to the venue throughout the duration of Mining Indaba.

When should my team arrive on-site?
Please ensure that you arrive on-site with sufficient time to prepare your stand and check you have everything you need/ordered. Contractors are able to build starting Thursday, 2nd February however the Sponsor/Contractor must schedule load in via our onsite contractor. Exhibitors using the Basic Shell Scheme stand are able to set up starting from Saturday, 4th February. We recommend arriving no later than Sunday, 5th February as stands must be show ready that evening.Click here to view the full exhibit schedule.

Do I have to be on-site for the duration of the event?
No, however your stand must be staffed during exhibition opening hours. If you would like to arrange for a Stand Assistant, please contact our Customer Service Team.

How do I ship items/materials to the event?
Our official event freight forwarder is Exhibition Freighting G.S.M. See the Shipping & Freight page for detailed information.

How do I book travel or accommodation?
The official event travel and accommodation provider is Tour D’Afrique. See the travel page for detailed information. Book early to ensure you receive our negotiated room rates!

At the Event


How do my Speakers gain access?
Speakers must be fully registered delegates and collect their badge from the Speaker Registration Desk. For additional speaker details, see the Speaker Resource Centre.

Where and when can I collect my badge?
You can collect your badge on-site at the marked registration area. Click here to view the registration opening hours. In order to collect your badge you must have either (a) print out of your confirmation email or (b) government issued photo identification.


Can I order extra services when I arrive on-site?
Yes, this is called a Floor Order. We recommend you order everything you need as early as possible. Floor orders are subject to availability and you may incur extra charges.

What time can I set up my stand?
A full exhibitor installation and dismantle schedule is available in the Stand Planning section of the Sponsor Resource Centre. Those exhibitors opting to build custom stands must schedule their arrival and load in through our onsite contractor, your Sponsor Appointed Contractor can do this on your behalf. Please visit the Custom Stand section of the Resource Centre.

What do I do when I arrive at my stand?
First, you should check everything you have ordered is there, this may depend when you arrive as furniture is the last thing to be placed on a stand. Also, ensure your packages have arrived, if you shipped to the advance warehouse your items will be delivered to your stand. If you have any queries or you think something is missing, visit the Exhibitor Service Desk or Exhibition Freighting Desk located to the rear of Hall 2 and someone will be able to assist.

How do I access the Exhibition Hall to set up?
When you arrive on-site, collect your badge from the Main Registration in the Clivia / Jasminium Conservatory, otherwise you may be unable to access parts of the venue. If registration is not yet open, please enter via the Marshalling Yard and collect a temporary access wristband from Show Security. You can then start to prepare your stand.

Is there parking at the venue?
Yes, the CTICC has an underground parking garage available for use at an hourly rate.

Are meals included?
Lunch is served Monday - Wednesday. Locations and times will be published in the main event agenda. Meals are available to fully registered delegates. There are alternative dining options available at the venue. Should you have any dietary restrictions, please contact our customer service team:

I have a meeting room booked, how do I collect the key?
Instructions for key pick-up will be sent to the sponsor contact closer to the event. If you have any specific questions please contact

We have guests arriving for a meeting in one of the rooms we have booked, do they need a badge?
Yes, anyone entering the venue must be a fully registered delegate and should wear their Official Event Badge.

As always, we are happy to help! If we haven’t answered your question in the information above please use the following contact details:
General event enquiries: Customer Service Team, +44 (0) 207 779 8890,

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