HOW Design Live Chicago June 22-27
June 24-27, 2011


Dive even deeper into topics like creativity, InDesign™, photography and more in these three-hour, hands-on pre-Conference workshops. The workshops take place on Friday, June 24 before the Conference officially kicks off, and require an additional fee. Keep reading for complete session descriptions, but be sure to sign up soon—registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Morning Workshops
Friday, June 24
9:00 am – Noon

Escape the Tri-Fold Funk
You probably don’t consider finishing and production of a printed piece when you’re still in the concept phase. But according to folding guru Trish Witkowski, you should.

You’ll get fresh ideas for your next campaign as Trish shares unique and effective solutions from her extensive folding sample library. You’ll learn tips, tricks and ideas for creative folding solutions on both low and high budgets, discover plenty of folding dos and don’ts, and more. Trish will also explore direct mail, showcasing proprietary folding solutions and specialty folds, all designed to help you maximize the success of your folded projects.

Effective Brainstorming for Designers
You’re under the gun (again), with only a few days to come up with a revolutionary new design. Or maybe you’re mired in solving a client’s problem and you just can’t pin down the solution. In these kinds of stressful situations, it can be hard to focus on coming up with breakthrough ideas.

But help is here. David Sherwin of frog design will share his favorite tools and methods for consistently brainstorming quality ideas, even under pressure. Over the course of this workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience using these methods individually and in teams, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. You’ll learn:
• how to best structure your brainstorming time to make sure you come up with breakthrough ideas
• what lightweight brainstorming techniques you can use for inspiring innovative new design ideas quickly
• how to collaborate with a team to rapidly generate focused design ideas

Vector Basic Training
Whether you’re a student or a veteran, it’s well worth it for every designer to spend some time improving their skills when it comes to creating and building vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator®. And that’s where illustrator Von Glitschka comes in.

He’ll show you how to create a systematic creative process for building precision vector artwork, and explain why it’s important to create a process that relies on good research, sketching, refined drawing and plugins. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, and the best questions will get a free license to a second-party plugin for Illustrator, as well as a book that exhaustively covers all of the info you’ll learn in this session.

If you want to follow along—although it’s not required—feel free to bring your laptop loaded with Illustrator CS2 or higher.

Pitch Perfect™: Never Be a Deer in Headlights Again
What’s your response when someone asks you what you do? If you get that deer-in-the-headlights look on your face or you change what you say every time, scrambling for what might work, then this workshop is for you. Even if you’ve got the right language, your pitch may not be doing the heavy lifting you need if you want clients to take the next step.

Presentation expert Dyana Valentine will help you gain the confidence and competence to pitch yourself with pride. You’ll learn a reusable system for crafting and re-crafting pitches, and get specific tips for creating pitches and elevator speeches that are clear and concise without sacrificing your own unique style.

Afternoon Workshops
Friday, June 24
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Photographing People, Places and Things
Turn your digital camera into one of your favorite design tools with this workshop from Photo Idea Index author Jim Krause. Using your camera, you’ll participate in a series of hands-on exercises designed to be as instructive as they are fun. In between exercises, Jim will share photos, tips and from-the-field anecdotes related to snapping—and using—pictures of people, places and things. You’ll learn to make the most of whatever photographic equipment you have, with an emphasis on achieving the kinds of highly communicative and visually intriguing photos you need for your design and advertising projects.

Caffeine for the Creative Team: Turning Brainstorming into Brainsqualling
What do the most creative shops in the nation do to inspire their teams to pump out great idea after great idea? What process do they use to meld a group of individuals into a free-flowing concept machine? Find out as Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield distill their best practices down into a new directive: brainsqualling.

You’ll learn how groups can work together to generate ideas in greater quantity and quality, and take home a whole host of team-centric creativity exercises designed to give your team a caffeinated jolt of idea juice.

Hard-Core User Tips: InDesign™
Hardcore InDesign user and instructor Anne-Marie Concepcion will take you deep into InDesign, sharing so many power user tips, tricks and insider info that you’ll leave the workshop mumbling keyboard shortcuts and giggling to yourself. Anne-Marie, co-host of the blog and podcast, will teach you new InDesign skills you can immediately put to use in your own projects. She’ll cover styles and all their advanced permutations, master page tricks, fast production of image-heavy pages, GREP searches and styles, and much more. If you’re using InDesign CS3 or later on any platform, you’ll go from a regular user to a power user in just three hours.

How to Launch a Project on Time and Under Budget
As creatives, we often have a difficult time correctly planning our projects, resulting in missed deadlines, less money and lost morale. But you can start planning properly from the beginning of a project, with help from Daniel Schutzsmith. He’ll give you a complete overview of designer-friendly project management, and show you how your studio can successfully plan a project from start to finish. You’ll explore several paper and software-based project management tools that will help you keep an accurate record of the life of a design, and look at how to get around common hurdles without killing a project.