Misconceptions Panel & Networking
Misconceptions Panel Discusison & Networking
The Law Society of Scotland and Connections invite you to join them for "Misconceptions", a panel and networking event run by Connections on March 21st in London. The event will feature a high calibre panel from across professional services and entrepreneurs presenting a great opportunity to network with potential clients, referal sources or bring along a guest from outside of the legal profession. The panel will be followed by a drinks and canapés reception. This is intended to be an informal networking and CPD event. This event is open to all professionals and entrepreneurs.

Connections is an Edinburgh headquartered networking group founded by one of our members. Due to popularity, Connections is bringing the “misconceptions” theme to London with five speakers. Hailing from a range of professions, our speakers will give a light-hearted presentation of the misconceptions of other disciplines. Each speaker will then be given the opportunity to present a rebuttal and explain exactly what their working life entails.

This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other professionals, gain an insight into what they actually do and to build on your newfound understanding to create and improve your networking connections.

** PLEASE NOTE**  - there is a new venue for this seminar. This will now be held at:

Dentons, One Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7RA

Please note:
All of our CPD is verifiable. However, for Trainees this seminar will count towards your 20 hours of non-authorised TCPD - it WILL NOT count towards the required 40 hours of authorised TCPD. For authorised TCPD, please click here.