EDPN 2016


How are big strategy and investment decisions made? This is the question to be discussed by decision experts at the EDPN Decision Analysis Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 5 and 6 October 2016.

Let's take an example: the world's longest road and rail tunnel across the Fehmarn belt directly connecting Germany and Scandinavia. How do we understand the costs and benefits? What is the decision process? Who are the stakeholders and how are their interests managed?

At the two-day conference organized by the European Decision Professionals Network we will take a look at this infrastructure topic, but also at strategic decision making in oil companies, at the use of data for creating sense for the pharmaceutical industry, but also at how start-up's make their decisions, how to get to grips with uncertainties and how decision capabilities are organized within larger companies.

Copenhagen is a vibrant, cultural, and historic city offering a wide selection of cultural events, sightseeing attractions, excellent shopping possibilities, high quality hotels, and green surroundings. In addition, it offers an international airport just 20 minutes from central Copenhagen and accommodation right in the city centre.

Join us at this conference, contribute your views and pick up on the latest insights within the discipline of decision analysis!

The European Decision Professionals Network provides a platform for business or financial analysts, project economists, government officials or other decision professionals who promote and support high quality decision making in business or public administration.

See www.edpn.org.