WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
CURATE: How Do You Evaluate Ed Content During Discovery & Adoption? (by invitation)

Facilitator: , Director of Products and Services; CURATE, Ed Map
Facilitator: , Vice President, Solutions and Services, Ed Map


As educational content becomes more plentiful, digital, and disaggregated – e.g., YouTube videos may complement other materials to engage students on a challenging topic, it’s increasingly important to have better ways to discern the quality, 508 compliance, appropriateness, and other factors of content that impact learning. Ed Map’s newest product, CURATE by Ed Map, delivers outcomes-based discovery of fresh, relevant educational content to meet provided objectives; it is currently in an Alpha release. We are seeking insight, leadership and best practices to inform our development of CURATE’s Evaluation feature. If you are a faculty member, instructional designer, program director or manager, etc. who is involved in the selection, evaluation, and adoption of content, or have strong opinions on how your teams should evaluate content to meet educational and financial goals, please join this Ed Map-facilitated focus group. This new product complements our existing CURATE by Ed Map Professional Services. Interested in attending? Contact Ed Map.