WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
An Entrepreneurial and Sustainable App Development Strategy

Moderator: , Executive Director and Associate Provost, VirginiaTech
Speaker: , Software Analyst and Developer, California State University, Northridge
Speaker: , Associate Vice President, Academic Technology, California State University, Northridge


Mobile devices are found in the hands of nearly every student where they are used to connect, socialize, and engage. To date, however, they have rarely been used to learn. This is an opportunity increasingly recognized by instructors, who want their students to be able to practice material learned in class on their mobile devices in an educational and engaging way. However, apps tailored to higher education content are scarce, and app development is beyond most instructors’ skill sets. This project united student entrepreneurship, information technology, and faculty subject matter expertise to create mobile apps that support classroom learning. In this session we will cover the app development strategy, outcomes, and plans for future curricular app development.