WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
21st Century Credentials: Can Higher Ed Regain The Trust Factor? (Part II)

Speaker: , Executive Director, Quality Matters
Speaker: , Managing Partner
Speaker: , VP, Design and Innovation, Learning Objects
Speaker: , Executive Director, University of Central Oklahoma
Speaker: , Associate Vice Provost and Registrar, University of Maryland University College
Moderator: , Director of Competency Based Learning Solutions, Capella University


Join this thought-provoking in-depth session on postsecondary credentials.  Why is this national dialogue of credentials so critical to institutions, the economy, and our graduates?  Opening speakers will discuss how public and private sector interests have lost faith in the value of a degree, while students are incurring significant debt, and good jobs remain unfilled.  Institutional representatives will share promising practices with “enhanced” digital learning records that provide students with explicit, transparent, and valid credentials of what they can do.  Learn about published quality dimensions of credentials and how Quality Matter is integrating digital credentials into its existing quality assurance system.