WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Be Concerned: Student Privacy is Your Job!

Moderator: , Executive Director, Pearson Education
Speaker: , Director, Distance Learning, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Speaker: , Associate, Cooley, LLP
Speaker: , Executive Director, CCCOnline


Your CIO may ultimately be responsible for institutional compliance with regulations for student data privacy and institutional priorities for student identity management but many more employees at your college, including your faculty, need to be knowledgeable of these issues.   The security of student data generated from remote proctoring services is just one example.   Consider identity and privacy issues within the design of courses utilizing video collaboration tools.  Consider the changing landscape of state regulations pertaining to the high school students you teach in dual enrollment programs.  Consider some of the cybersecurity concerns that may result from university/industry partner programs.  Finally, consider what terms you include in your vendor contracts that ensure that your students’ records are not compromised.  This session will provide a comprehensive overview of current regulations affecting institutions and your students, as well as a discussion about practical, actionable approaches for working with your technology providers to ensure student data privacy.

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