WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Thriving in Challenging Times: Building Transformative Leadership Skills

Moderator: , Chief Academic Officer, iDesignEDU
Speaker: , Senior Fellow, Civitas Learning
Speaker: , Provost & Consultant, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Lumina Foundation
Speaker: , Professor of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota


Challenging times require leaders with strong transformative skills for problem solving, crisis management and resiliency in rapidly changing environments. In this interactive session, participants develop critical skills sets guided by a usable, interactive dashboard including As (accountability, analytics and authenticity), Bs (bold business models), and Cs (culture, collaboration, and courage.)
Change agent leadership creates the capacity and environment to move into this future while preserving the values and core missions that make institutions strong. Change agent leadership must determine what made institutions strong in the past versus what will make them strong in the future: strong in terms of articulating the value they provide to students, communities and society as well as strong in terms of accreditation in an ever changing environment. Change agent leadership must identify future trends and needs, lead change agendas, articulate and invest in what makes a difference, and remain authentic in terms of accreditation. To do so requires leaders with strong transformative skills. 

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