WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Sustainability Planning Tool for Competency-based Education

Speaker: , President, NCHEMS


When colleges implement competency-based programs, they typically do so by layering staff and services onto their usual operations. Unless there are significant increases in revenue for the program, this approach is unlikely to be sustainable in the long run. To assist college leaders in getting a fuller picture of the real costs and expected revenues, NCHEMS created an interactive planning tool. Working with Western Governors University, NCHEMS staff broke down the tasks critical to successful CBE programs and delineated the types of people/technologies able to deliver those services. The resulting tool allows college leaders to play out various scenarios as they explore the staffing and technology options they have available to them. These scenarios map into a dashboard that allows them to see the costs and potential revenue relationships thus enabling them to determine the sustainability of their programs under each scenario. This flipped session will enable participants to watch a demonstration of the tool prior to the conference. The session itself will focus on a discussion of the implications of using the tool and the opportunity to try out more scenarios.

Access the video for viewing prior to the session.