WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Connect the Dots via Data Analytics: Painting a Picture of Student Success

Moderator: , Academic Director of Assessment and Learning Analytics, Capella University
Speaker: , Assistant Chancellor for Academic Technologies and Institutional Research, University of Washington - Tacoma
Speaker: , Senior Director, Strategic Services, Civitas Learning


In 1886, impressionist artists Georges Seurat and Paul Signac developed a technique known as pointillism, in which thousands of tiny individual dots are painted to form patterns that make up a large, complete image.  The technique was digitized in the 21st century, serving as the basis for developing television pixels and computer monitors.  Just as Seurat and Signac connected their dots to form the big picture, this session will focus on analytics tools and strategies that are enabling institutions to create a more complete and cohesive picture of student retention, progression ,and success trends.  The two speakers will present – via the intense 6 minute 40 second Pecha Kucha method – how predictive analytics are powering insights and action to improve student retention.