WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Agile Inspired Design as a Quality Driver in Online Curriculum Development

Moderator: , Dean, Capella University
Speaker: , Market Director, Capella University
Speaker: , Faculty Chair, Capella University
Speaker: , Manager of Design, Capella University


Capella University, a leader in online competency-based learning, in a continuous improvement effort to increase internal consistency and external validity for its portfolio of 48 degree programs and more than 1800 courses, has implemented an agile inspired curriculum and course development process.  Originating in software development, the agile methodology holds that requirements and solutions should evolve through the constant collaboration of cross-functional teams.  Through this approach, working software is delivered to users at regular, short intervals.  At Capella University, our belief was that these design practices held promise for the creation and maintenance of our academic offerings.  The presentation will detail our innovative approach, reflect on the experience from a faculty and instructional design professional perspective, include lessons learned, and plans for expanding and scaling.

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