WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
CBE and Closing the Employment Gap: Research and Strategy

Speaker: , Senior Strategic Consultant, Pearson Higher Education
Speaker: , Senior Strategic Consultant, Pearson Higher Education


Competency-based education offers great promise for closing gaps in affordability, flexibility, and employability – but it still requires a solid strategic approach to achieve these promises. In this flipped session, the non-classroom portion looks at recent research on student and employer perceptions, employability strategies used in CBE programs, and other key trends related to employability. In addition to a summary of research, this session will present a comprehensive CBE employability framework as part of a larger CBE Playbook, along with multiple case studies for how components of the employability framework are currently working at several colleges and universities. In the conference portion of this session, participants will share ideas and additional examples through two case exercises to design a comprehensive employability strategy for weaving practices across the full program and student experience in a CBE program.

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