WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Who’s Teaching in the Future—Interaction in an Age of Automation

Moderator: , Vice President, Operations, Ranku, a Wiley Brand
Speaker: , Associate Vice President, Higher Education Policy & Research, Blackboard, Inc.
Speaker: , Assistant Vice Chancellor for New Learning Models, Board of Regents, University System of Georgia


So many internal and external pressures are changing the learning landscape—student demand, employer requirements, affordability demands, and robust technical capabilities. But what does all of this mean for higher education students and faculty and how quickly will we see change? At the heart of many of these changes is the question of how technology will change the interactions and relationships between faculty and students. What does it mean to teach in an age of technology, automation, learning outcomes, standardization, high stake assessment, and performance-based funding? Are we moving to a time when technology quits being merely a mediator for learning and instead supplants the instructional role of the faculty? Are we looking at a future where TeachBots replace faculty, where artificial intelligence trumps a PhD? Come listen (and participate) in the debate and maybe a bit of debacle as our panelists battle it out for your vote on what the future should hold.